How to Gift someone a present during Lockdown


The second bout of lockdown, with any luck, won’t be quite as long or as severe as the first. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t be a serious drag, especially for those who live alone. If you’re missing the special people in your life at the moment, then it only makes sense to send them a special reminder of the fact that you’re thinking of them. 

Doing so will help to brighten up what might be a gloomy period in their lives – and it’ll also allow you to devote to some thought to others, which can be very helpful if you’re feeling sorry for yourself, too.

But what kinds of gifts are suited to this age of indoor entertainment? Let’s take look at a few candidates.

Streaming Service Membership

Streaming video content has helped to keep us all sane and entertained while we’ve been stuck indoors – and there’s so much of it out there that it’s difficult to find the time to get through it all. As well as the major platforms like Netflix, Amazon and Apple TV, there are also quite a few niche services. Educational video courses from platforms like Masterclass and Skillshare can provide some structure to weeks and weeks of indoor time, and give a sense of progress that might otherwise be lacking.

Magazine Subscription

While there’s plenty of free content floating around the internet, there are also plenty of paywalls being thrown up. And that only makes sense – great content is worth paying for. A few months of subscription to a favourite newspaper therefore makes a great gift – but at times like this, a physical paper or magazine can provide a kind of reassurance.

Flower Arrangement

A bunch of flowers is a wonderful way to inject a little bit of love into a home that might feel a little bit dour and lonely. Every time your recipient catches sight or scent of the flowers, they’ll receive a reminder that they’re being thought of.

Personalised Celebrity Video

With so many celebrities stuck indoors and lacking other means of making an income, they’re open to making special video messages for their housebound fans. Services like Cameo provide thirty-second video messages from famous faces.

Classic Cards

A greetings card is a classic way to send a message across for a special occasion. With Christmas looming on the horizon, you might think that it’s an ideal opportunity to spread some love with a card from Cardfactory. Given that face-to-face interactions are going to be limited this year, the greetings card industry may well experience something of a boom!

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