How to find inspiration when you have an Artist Block

Image: Personal ownership by Arushi Sana under copyright

Inspiration is omnipresent. It does not mean what kind of artist you are; from a painter to a writer, inspiration can be located anywhere. Some see it in nature; some find it buried in the ports; some have the idea of producing detailed figurative drawings, while some manage to care more about the rule of being creative. The one stuff that stays the same, though, is that artists are more fruitful when they know how to find and use motivation around them.

If you’re up for some artistic challenges, here are a few of my favorites:

1. Stare at people

There are many ways to use your neighborhood to discover inspiration. If you are the type of artist that likes to hunt for inspiration outdoors, you can go to a garden and watch people. You can watch their interactions with one another, or with their children, or even with their dogs; you can observe them in contrast to the scene around them. Then, you can use those people’s activities as motivation for your art. You can paint them exactly as you see them or use what they express and draw inspiration from nature’s merging with people.

2. Eyes on the horizon

If you favor observing an environment free of humans and just concentrate on landscapes, you can gaze at the horizon. It makes no distinction if it is the one you see when looking at the sea or the one you see snuggling behind skyscrapers in big capital; you can use it as an inspiration, and you can come up with a few metaphors to describe it. Once you have those metaphors, you can paint what they serve to you, instead of the horizon you acquired them from.

3. Feet-ish

If you prefer to stay in your own home’s luxury, you can express your inspiration from casual kinds of stuff around your home. One excellent idea is to look at your own feet and the gaps in between them. You can use that emptiness as points, and you can draw a picture by joining those dots. You can also attempt connecting the dots on anything else around the home and draw an image from them, from the darknesses the furniture casts on the floor to the various levels of the paintings hanging on the walls.

Several other ideas can help you to find inspiration. 

Try these

  1. Paint pictures found on the empty spaces between the building.
  2. Draw things you think about when watching your favorite Netflix Drama.
  3. Create a picture of how you would have liked a particular book to have ended
  4. Analyze the blunders you committed in the past, and create your own take from it. (Hi Ron)

Or you can use a blend of any of the things I shared above and anything else that has ever inspired you.

There is no exact craftsmanship for finding inspiration; the only thing needed is for you never to stop looking for it. As long as you keep exploring, you are sure to find motivation everywhere.

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