How To Disappear Completely and Never Be Found


This can sound like an impossible task but it is doable. It is one thing to disappear but it is another thing to disappear totally and never to be found again. Many regard it as the stuff of legends and a stunt that can never be pulled off but it can be done if you follow everything in this piece. There are many reasons why some want to vanish forever. Some might owe a drug cartel a substantial amount of money or some want to carry out a nasty act then evaporate! 

It Is Serious Stuff

Before you start, you should realize that to disappear is not an easy thing. You must know that your disappearance is going to create a lot of anxiety for your loved ones. They will be worried and will report to the police and other authorities that you are missing. 

So if there is no need for it, then you have to reconsider. But if it is a required last desperate measure for you, then get ready for the ultimate Great Vanishing Act. If you are ready to evaporate in an instant, here is the perfect guide for you: 

Preparation is Paramount

Disappearing without a trace will consume your time. If you think it is something you can pull off in a matter of hours, you are going to be disappointed. Time is needed because there are lots of steps that are to be taken in the act of disappearance and the more duration spent in planning carefully, the higher your chances of success. There are sometimes when you need to vanish quickly though – it all depends. 

Start By Keeping to Yourself 

Initiate the act by gradually cutting off ties from those in your life. This implies that you will reduce the time you spend seeing family members, friends, and companions. But you should do this gradually and over time so you do not arouse suspicion. 

Do this bit by bit until you do not see any of them again. By the time you stop seeing them altogether, they too would have been used to the idea of not seeing you so it will feel normal. Prepare to also lie your way through this phase because your loved ones will be concerned. 

Get Your Money Out

Start by taking out all your money step by step. Get used to the fact that your days of PayPal, MasterCard, Venmo, and VISA are gone forever. You have to start using only cash, get all the money you have in the banks withdrawn, and do not leave even a cent. 

However, you need to know that you cannot withdraw all at the same time, or else you will arouse some serious suspicion. Do the withdrawals of your money gradually until you have nothing outside again in terms of funds. 

Have Nothing to Do with Social Media

You have to get out of any social media platform because it will not make sense for someone who is about to leave humanity to be posting or liking photos up and down. You need to not just delete your information and details from all social media platforms, you must erase everything. You have to detach yourself without any single trace. Say a final goodbye to all your Tinder, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and do not look back. 

You are not limiting the deletion to social media alone; you also need to delete all your email accounts. You must have no digital footprint at all, wipe off anything that relates to you online. Check your history in detail and make sure that the slate is wiped clean. 

But once again, nothing should be done in a hurry. You should do the deleting one at a time so you do not arouse suspicion. When some relatives want to get nosy, just tell them that you are getting too addicted to social media and you need to take some break.

Sort Your Pets

If you keep cats, dogs, or any other pet, the time has come for you to ditch them. Take your pets to the shelter for adoption so they do not suffer in your eternal absence. You can also let any of your friends or neighbor take up the pet; find a convenient excuse to give.

Just know that there is no way you are going to keep a pet with you when you disappear. No matter how much you love or are attached to your pets, you need to sort it by letting someone adopt it. Do not just abandon your pet as that will be too wicked of you. 

Terminate Your Job or Take a Leave

Before you say bye to humanity, you need to let them know that you are resigning from your work or you ask for an indefinite leave. When your employer starts getting unnecessarily curious, just tell him or her that you deserve the long-term vacation or that you need to explore some other opportunities in life. 

Focus on Details

If you are a tenant, do not have a lease on your apartment so that the landlord does not come checking. You can even do well to pay well ahead in advance so that you can take time properly to prepare for your disappearance but do not ignore the details. Tell your neighbors that you are going on a vacation. Make sure that all loose ends are tied properly. 

Get All Identification in Place and Trash Them

Collect all your birth certificates, bank statements, school identification card, social security card, driver’s licenses, and other forms of documentation. Get everything that has your photo, name, and other details that connect to you on it.

 Whether you choose to burn everything or you decide to keep where no one can ever find them, just make sure you get rid of everything. The same goes for all your photos, destroy old ones, and do not take new ones. This will let your family know later that you decided to disappear and that you were not kidnapped or killed. 

End Mobile Phone Plan

Well, you do not need it anymore and that is obvious. If you need to communicate for whatever reason, then you can go for an affordable burner phone and use a fake name. 

Forgo Your Car and Other Assets

Your car and other assets can be traced to you so sell them off for cash immediately. If you cannot do so, put them in place, you are sure a thief will do away with them. 

Pack Lightly and Get the Hell Out!

Now that you have done all the steps above, get your light items, and leave. Pack only essential items like fabrics, versatile survival tools, and medicines. You can decide to trek or go for a bicycle. Avoid public transport because of surveillance and never take a cab. Do not discuss your plan with anyone and walk alone into the wilderness. The further you go into the middle of nowhere, the better for you – no one will ever find you. 

Disclaimer: This article does not aim to encourage children or adults into abandoning humanity. It is only a figment of the writer’s imagination. Stay safe dear readers and hang in there.

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