How to bring a beach effect in your room decor


The second the sun starts shining in the morning, we’re all ready to hit the beach. After all, there is hardly a pleasure like revelling in the lashing waves’ energy and the refreshing breeze. However, we don’t need to go all the way to the beach. With all-new ideas for that perfect marine look, you can bring the seaside right to your house. How?

Well, all you need is some inspiration, a creative mind, a couple of wall-paint colors and you’re all set. As far as ideas are involved, we’ve got you covered!

Marine or Nautical Paint

Nautical means something related to sailing and ships. Marine means water. Marine Paint means painting the beach life on canvas or a wall, and that’s what you will read today.

Whether it’s your patio or your room that you wish to go sailing with, you can always use paint colors to give the walls an actual appeal. While you can go white with three walls and keep one wall blue, you can opt for a large print on the wall right behind your mattress. This will help you keep things simple yet appealing. So, the first step will include:

  • Painting the wall white/blue and adding a pinch of yellowish-orange (resembling a seashore landscape).
  • Adding a skyline wallpaper/prints behind your mattress.  

Rope It up

Yes, we’re talking about the strong yet enticing looking jute twine rope. Right from pulling one across the length of the staircase to hanging your towels and bathrobes on them, make good use of this humble accessory. 

Go, Marine

You can pick marine prints from bedsheets to curtains to go with your primitive look created using ropes. If you don’t wish to pick up prints, you can always go for the classic white and blue stripes. And while you’re at it, it would be a great idea to hang a sailor suit on an empty wall. This step will include:

  1. Painting your blinds blue-white to present a bright appeal.
  2. Hanging a sailor suit, and probably a fiber-sea-navigation tool, to give it a medieval-ship-look.

Light It Up

You can either opt for lanterns in assorted shapes or suspend similar ones at different lengths for that raw look. This will work amazingly well for your patio. To amp up the decor, you can either place a wreath somewhere around or put an old wooden ladder!

This step will include: 

  1. Adding yellow lanterns that resemble the sun. 
  2. The starry ceiling will add to the mystic, and you should definitely explore that. 

Get going with this raving idea and make the most of your creative side. If the lockdown keeps you away from the beach, you can bring the beach in your patio/room with the above steps. 

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