How to Break Social Media Addiction or Spend Less Time Online


Addiction is a severe problem for millions of people worldwide. Social media addiction is one of the most stubborn addiction types out there. In the United States of America alone, close to half of the population are addicted to social media platforms, and they find themselves checking these platforms every time. This addiction is so bad that it has become a source of stress and a problem for many. If you are an addict to social media, here are steps you can take to break the addiction and reduce the time you spend online: 

Delete and Disable

This will take you a lot of discipline, but if you can go ahead and delete all the social media applications and take a step further to disable all the notifications from these social media platforms. This is important because many are addicted because they cannot resist the pings from these apps’ notifications. Once you do not see these notifications or cannot make use of the apps, you will not be wasting your time on them or get addicted to it at all. 

Enjoy Offline Life

Some people are steeped into anything online that they have practically forgotten what it feels like to be offline. You should take a break from the Internet and go offline. Drop your phone at home and go on long beach walks with your loved ones. Take time to savor and enjoy offline life, and you will appreciate it even better. 

Be Disciplined With Your Time

You have to realize one of the most significant life facts: time lost can never be regained. You have to be disciplined with time and never waste even a second of it. Draw up a schedule and time table with a fixed amount of time that you will spend on social media and make sure that you stick to it. 

Once again, you have to be very disciplined because if care is not taken, you will spend all your day on tablets and phones. You can draw up a paper timetable or even use applications to lock you out of social media platforms once you have reached the set limit. Your time is your life, and you have to be very responsible for the way you use it. 

Enjoy Your Hobby

If you assess yourself properly, you will notice that there are many other activities like art craft, music, dancing, weaving, and even cooking that you have a passion for as your hobbies. It would help if you took some time to concentrate on your hobbies and not be desirous of social media. 

Get a Job

Many people are addicted to social media platforms because they are either lazy or have nothing tangible. You are not going to see a busy person wasting so much time on social media. There is no way you will have a serious job at hand, and you will spend all your time on Facebook or Twitter. 

Use Digital Tools

There is an array of plugins, add-ons and other features that you can make use of. A good illustration is the StayFocusd Google Chrome extension. Installing this on your browser means that you will be able to focus on your work rather than wasting all your time on social media platforms. You can even go ahead and install applications, which will totally deactivate social media applications from your mobile phone. 

Feed Your Mind

The Internet is a vast source of information and all kinds of knowledge that you can use to feed your mind. You can get Amazon Kindle and read fascinating books. You can watch some educational documentaries and read even more. This method allows you to keep your mind engaged in essential things, so you never become addicted to social media in any way. 


Social media addiction is a real problem. It can ruin your health with probable adverse effects on your job. Some of these social media addicts do not even know what to do. The pleasant news is that you can take steps to make sure you break your social media addiction and spend more time on other worthwhile ventures. 

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