How Technology Has Had a Positive Impact on Society

The speed of innovation in technology in recent times means that it can be difficult to keep up with which changes are good and which may not be so positive. However, by looking at some of the main areas of the impact technology has had on our society, we can see that it has been very positive overall. 

Better Communication Means We Are More Informed 

Perhaps the greatest change in the present world from that of the last century is that it is now easier than ever before to be informed and educated. The internet penetration rate varies greatly from one region to another, but a global rate of almost 60% shows how many people can now go online. 

This means that people in many parts of the world can now learn more about the world we live in. They might want to take some of the many online training courses that will give them new skills, or they could look to work on the internet to increase their earning power. The World Economic Forum asks whether technology helps us become more intelligent and the answer appears to be yes, as long as we use it wisely. 

In theory, becoming more informed about the world should make us more caring and tolerant, as we better understand the different situations that other people live in. While this not always appears obvious, a Baylor University study showed that social media use makes people more flexible and tolerant of other religious beliefs. 

More Environmental Awareness and Green Options 

It is clear that we now know more about the dangers of damaging our environment than ever before. A quick search on YouTube for the climate change topic brings back a variety of fascinating results. 

As always, the sheer volume of results we can find online means that we need to be wary of which ones we choose to glean information from. This is why it makes sense to have many trusted sources whose information can be verified and double-checked. 

It is easier to be green now too, as technology has changed how we do the things that we do regularly, from researching eco-friendly tourism ideas to finding the most environmentally responsible companies. The switch to home working can also bring huge benefits, as it reduces urban traffic levels and could avoid the need to heat and light large office buildings all day long. 

Easier to Enjoy New and Existing Hobbies 

Some of the most interesting hobbies that can be tried include drawing, writing, and creating videos, by using online tutorials from a site like Udemy. You could also pick up a new exercise like yoga at any one of several sites, or join a global community to discuss gaming, sports, or whatever interests you. 

A good example of how some popular hobbies have moved online comes with casino playing. The list of popular casino games at Royal Panda includes table games like blackjack and roulette, as well as modern slots with interesting themes, such as Book of Dead and Dragon Tiger. Secure technology allows them to offer a safe, regulated playing environment. Naturally, the advent of new technology means location is no longer a defining feature, and many of these games can be played at your convenience. 

This isn’t exclusive to just the online casino industry, and maybe other entertainment industries now benefit from the growth of smartphones. Tablets can now hold thousands of books without space constraints, and there are apps that help you keep up to date with sports or movie news. 

By focusing on these positive issues and other benefits, it is easier to see how technology is helping us to build a better society for the future. New advances will continue to bring fresh challenges, but we should be optimistic about the overall outcome. 

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