Health Benefits of Clapping


Clapping is a very prominent activity in the daily lives of humans worldwide. It is a way to show appreciation for a job properly done in movies, awards, competitive engagements, sports, and others. Clapping is linked with all the positive things of life like celebrations, honors, victories, and excellent academic results.

It is connected with anything happy in our lives. But even though clapping is an activity that many people are aware of, not many know of the health benefits. Yes, several health benefits come with clapping. Reading this will let you have a good comprehension of the advantages of clapping. 

Health Benefits Associated with Clapping

There are 340 pressure points in our body and these points can be identified and also massaged to derive the numerous benefits that emanate from massage therapy. These are points that have direct links with various parts and organs of the body. This implies that these pressure points can be stimulated to alleviate pain in various organs in the body. 

Clapping Therapy 

Here is one of the methods by which the benefits of clapping can be tapped. This therapy includes the application of mustard oil, coconut oil, or a blend of the two oils which are rubbed on the palms. This allows for the absorption of the oils into the body. Wear leather shoes and socks that will prevent the leakage of any energy waves produced in the body. 

Strike the two hands together in both directions while keeping them straight and make the arms lose. The palm and the fingertips should strike. This clapping therapy is best done in the early hours of the morning to get the highest level of health benefits. 

Clapping for about 30 minutes early in the morning ensures that you remain active and fit. As stated earlier, clapping leads to stimulation in blood circulation, which helps remove toxins from the blood while opening up the vessels. Increased blood circulation helps in clearing bad cholesterol and other unwanted substances. 

There are principal acupressure points in the hand that can be stimulated during the clapping process. These include the wrist point, base of thumb point, inner gate point, hand valley point, and the thumbnail point. It will interest all the readers to know that one can choose to activate any of these pressure points whenever you so choose. 

Clapping is also vital when it comes to providing health benefits in handling heart and lung-linked medical conditions like asthma but that is not all. It is also possible to get relief from joint, neck, and back pains by clapping. Relief is also possible from gout and there are several tips on how to go about this – there are so many health gains from clapping than many can imagine. 

Patients who are battling low blood pressure and are looking for mild exercises that can help them stabilize their systems can take to clapping. The same thing goes for those who are coping with one digestive disorder or another. Children love to clap a lot and it helps in improving their skills and the same applies to their academic performance. Studies have even shown that students that clap more are known for making fewer mistakes with spelling when compared with their counterparts. This is because clapping makes the children more active while also sharpening their cognitive skills. 

The immune system is another part of the body that also benefits from regular clapping as a form of physical exercise. Clapping for about 30 minutes is a good way to generate some relief for patients with conditions like arthritis, depression, diabetes, common cold, hypertension, long-standing headaches, and even insomnia. 

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