Hair Curler – The Perfect Style Companion for Women Travellers

Travelling doesn’thave to mean forgoing your hair styling regimen! 

Don’t let shortage of space stops you from rocking the curls you love so much. Just invest in an easy-to-use hair curler, and you will never have to struggle with lousy hair days while traveling.

What you need from a travel hair curling iron depends on what kind of traveling you will be doing. Maybe it’s a quick weekend getaway or long duration work travel plans. Be it any situation; the best hair curler is one that has dual voltage. Since it can switch between 110 to 120 volts, you don’t have to flip or change any settings. Just plug it in and start styling. Especially for overseas traveling plans, it is a must-have!

Keeping in mind that you may have less time to style your hair while traveling, sotry these simple and easy on-the-go hairstyles:

Flat Wrap Look

Traveling for work seldom leaves you withany freetime. So, it is better to opt for hairstyles that give you a professional look in minutes.

This flat wrapped technique will create wide curls with lots ofvolume. Tight curls can be achieved with wider sections of hair.

Remember to apply a heat protectant spray before you use a hair curler. 

Step1: Take a section of your hair and comb through it to remove any tangles. Choose the direction of the curl—away from the face or towards the face.

Step2: Keep the section of the hair flat while wrapping it around the hair curler. Remember, don’t twist your hair around the iron!

Step3: Wrap the section around the iron until you reach the ends. 

The secret to achieving this easy-breezy look in 10 minutes is adjusting your hands each time you turn the iron so that there is no twisting of hair. 

Curl Tip: Create more volume by taking larger sections for a looser curl pattern. Or smaller sections for a tighter curl pattern. Experiment with new styles without hassle!

Lazy Curl Look

You are in a hurry and there’s no time to sit down and style! Without the comfort of your home, you may struggle on a daily basis while getting ready. Lazy curls are the savior for these situations!

Using this technique, you can create a loose wave. 

Step1: Part your hair in sections. Apply a heat protectant!Take the section and elevate it to 90 degrees. 

Step2: Place the hair curler in front of the section with the barrel behind. Flat wrap the section, hold it,and roll the iron close to your scalp. Allow the section to heat entirely before moving on.

Step3: Repeat this for the other sections. In the end, comb through with your hand and separate the curls.

Curl Tip: The best way to get lazy curls that look natural is by wrapping the hair only halfway down the hair curling iron.

Create a relaxed wave look and begin your day with style!

Spiral Curls Look

If you are vacationing and have some time to spare in the morning, opt for spiral curls.Your pictures will come out with perfect curls against the hills in the background or sea waves crashing?

Step1: Begin with a small section of your hair. Twist it entirely from base to ends. If you have extra time, braid the section.

Step2:Wrap it around the hair curler and let it heat up.

Step3: Allow the curls to cool after removing the hair curling iron. Shake the kinks out with your fingers to loosen them.

No More Compromise on Hair Styling

Look phenomenal,regardless of where you are. Opt for a hair curler and style your hair the way you want!

Luxury brands like Vega provide the finest quality hair curling irons. With a plethora of choices, explore and select the mostsuitable one. Vega hair curlers help you get free-flowing glamorous curls in minutes. 

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