Gemini Weekly Horoscope 29th Nov – 5th Dec 2020

Love and Relationships

During this phase, the temperamental tendency of the singles might ruin the harmony in their newly-formed relationship. However, the opposite party might do things to cool down the matter. The couple might have an enjoyable time during this phase. There might be some issues with someone with whom you are emotionally attached. You might be in discomfort, due to some major family-related issues during this phase.


Students pursuing their graduation may be worked up over some issue or the other. They may not be able to focus well on their studies. Their learning process might be slow, and students may not make due progress. Students pursuing higher education may remain busy with some irrelevant matters. They may need to pay due attention to their studies during this phase.


During this phase, some minor health issues may concern you. Do not neglect it. Treat it with some remedial measures, to save yourself from further complications. According to planetary movements, diabetics need to stay away from eating sweets and drinking soft drinks. Regular check-ups might help you keep a tab on your health fluctuation. Try performing some physical activity, like going for a long walk, or swim, in order to remain fit for the whole day.


During this phase, there may be an opportunity to benefit monetarily. However, be wary and keep your cool, so you may make use of the said opportunity and make some financial gain. You might be able to manage routine and incidental expenses easily. There may be an increase in family-related expenses. You might need to have provisions for unexpected expenses. Your financial position might be healthy during this phase.


Businessmen may be happy due to major repeat orders from a long-time high net worth customers. The period during midweek looks favorable in this regard. However, businessmen may need to gather all their resources, to deliver goods material on time. Salaried individuals may be committed to raising the efficiency bar, and give more output. They may be eager to get better placement and a hike in remuneration. However, for some reason, their progress may be delayed.

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