Facebook launches new features for Diwali celebration

(IANS) Facebook on Wednesday launched a bundle of features to add an element of fun to the virtual Diwali celebrations this year.

These include personalised greetings with Diwali-ready avatars and an opportunity to encourage friends and family to participate in fun challenges and spread festive cheer online.

The new bundle of features includes ‘challenge your friends and family’ — users can share a photo or video of how they are celebrating Diwali at home with their family with the hashtag #DiwaliAtHomeChallenge.

The users can create ‘DIY’ video of how they recycle light bulbs, candleholders, diyas and lanterns, and challenge friends to share their Diwali related DIY projects by using #DIYDiwaliChallenge.

“Start a challenge by simply entering a hashtag in English that ends in the word ‘challenge’, when you go to create a new Facebook post or tap on the ‘Try It’ button when you see another challenge post in your News Feed,” the company said in a statement.

“Add photos and videos to your challenges post this festive season and nominate your friends and family to join in the fun by tagging them,” they added.

Facebook users can make short-form text posts even more expressive by sharing a special edition Diwali-themed avatars Background.

“Type your own words – in any language – over one of the colourful backgrounds with your personalised avatar to match the theme,” the platform said.

“First, create an avatar from your mobile device and go to ‘Create Post’ composer on Android or iOS and click ‘background colour’ and select the Diwali background, it will be done,” they explained.

Users can follow Diwali specific content on Facebook using hashtags #Diwali2020 and #ShubhDiwali2020.

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