Eye Liner Tips From Lovoir

Have you been struggling to get your eyeliner to look perfect but only managed to get a messy look? The tips below will help you out of that problem, and you can have your eyes look gorgeous every day.

1. Perfect Your Tight-lining Skills

Knowing how to tight line your eyeliner is a useful skill that will help you get the perfect look for your eyes, especially if you have hooded eyes. The best way to tight line your eyeliner is to apply the eyeliner between the eyelash at the base and work your way from the outer eye towards the inner. Do this gently and with a sharpened eyeliner to avoid creating a mess. It may be really difficult at first because to your eye it will appear as though the eyeliner is going into the eye, but with practice, you will be able to do it flawlessly and fast. Do not do it in a rush or get too nervous as that may cause your hands to shake and the eyeliner to veer. Tight lining is a great way to give your lashes a thick look and make the eyes stand out.

2. Do Not Shy Away From Using An Adhesive Eyeliner Stencil

An adhesive stencil creates more room for you to apply your eyeliner properly because the upper eyelid is pushed away, hence making it more visible. This is a lifesaver for hooded eyes because you do not have to struggle to get the eyeliner in the proper position. There is also the fact that you can do both your eyes at the same time, so it saves you from delaying your make-up application.

3. Find Out The Best Eyeliner For Your Type Of Eyelids

Look for eyeliners that do not smudge when they come into contact with water, like Lovoir, as that means your eyeliner may get runny if you sweat. Waterproof eyeliners are great, especially if you want the eyeliner to last for many hours. Pick eyeliners with a good oil base and made of gel. When trying out the eyeliner, focus on your outer eye for better quality results.

4. Invest In Good Quality Eyeliner

Do some research to see which brands are reputable and invest in those. Poor quality eyeliner will only end up stressing you, and you will soon have to purchase a different brand. It is best to invest in the best quality when you can since you are going to use it for a while.

5. Let Your Liquid Eyeliner Dry Properly

Again, do not apply your eyeliner in a rush. Be patient, and let your liquid eyeliner dry properly. Close your eyes for a while till you can be sure that the eyeliner is dry so that you can avoid smudging it. If you smudge it, you will have to take a lot more time trying to fix it, and this will make you even more impatient. Allow it sufficient time to dry completely. Applying liquid eyeliner is more effective if you do one eye, let it dry, then proceed to the other. 

6. Use The Upside-Down Technique For Cat Eye

Apply your cat eye by starting from the inner eyes and work outwards towards the corners. This will produce better results especially if you use a gel liner.

7. Create A Look Of Bigger Eyes

Focusing on the top lash and leaving the lower lash undone will make your eyes seem bigger.

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