Explore The Rummy World: Play Different Types of Rummy Games Online

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Card games are an essential part of everyone’s childhood. Do you have fond memories of playing cards with your siblings or grandparents? And of how they always let you win? Well, with digitization, you can now play card games online, even if your family is living in different parts of the country.

Out of various card games, the popularity of rummy has grown exponentially. Many gaming websites now offer online rummy free, so you can play the game without paying for it. 

Since rummy occupies a special place in the world of card games, the game has been modified as per different cultures, making it interesting for card game lovers to choose their favorite variation.

Check out the different rummy variants that you can play:

13 Card Rummy

Widely popular as Indian rummy, this version is believed to be an extension of Gin Rummy and Rummy 500. The game is played between players ranging from 2-6 people wherein each player is dealt with 13 cards. When you play the game, you have to meld the cards in valid sequences and sets by picking and discarding cards.

Joker cards are beneficial in a hand and can be substituted for any card. Forming a pure sequence is a necessity in this variation of rummy. Make a pure sequence without using a joker card.

Each card has points-face cards, and aces are 10 points each, and number cards have the same value as the number printed on them. The aim in the rummy game is to meld the cards and reduce points to zero because points carry negative value. If you are able to do this first, you win.

21 Rummy Card

Widely popular in India, 21 rummy cards are often played during Dusshera and Diwali festivities. What makes it thrilling is that it is played for a longer time than 13 card rummy. Since Diwali is around the corner, what better time to learn more about this variation?

In this version, three decks of cards are used along with printed jokers. Then, each player is dealt with 21 cards. It is mandatory to form at least three pure runs and meld the remaining cards into proper sets or sequences. 

One of the unique characteristics of this game is that besides jokers, it uses value cards. These cards have a similar usage to that of the joker cards as they too can substitute any card. However, they are of special value as they hold additional points. 

A noteworthy difference is that the first drop in this game entails a penalty of 30 points, and the points of the value cards are not honored. A penalty of 75 points is issued for a middle drop, but the value card points are honored. A trinala, which is considered a pure run, is formed when 3 cards of the same suit and same rank are put together.

A marriage hand is recognized when there is a combination of cards with spades of 7, 8, and 9 numbers. If you possess this special hand during a game, you will get 100 points from your opponents.

Persian Rummy

Commonly known as 500 Rummy in India, this version is also called Pinochle and Michigan rummy. It is played between 2-8 players. 

In most variants of rummy, points carry negative value. But in this game, if you get 500 plus points first, you become the winner. Each player of the game gets 13 cards. Face cards, aces, and joker cards carry 10, 1, and 15 points, respectively.

A noteworthy feature of this game is that there are no restrictions for drawing the free pile’s top-most card. You can take more than one card to go lower down in the stack and get what you need. This feature single-handedly raises the complexity of the game, pushing you to strategize more.

Gin Rummy

This variant is played with 52 cards and is considered the easiest version of rummy. Generally, it is a 2 player game, and each player gets 10 cards. You will require melding them into at least 3 card sequences or sets. In this game, only one joker card is used. The only restriction that this game places on the participants is that the sequences must be of the same suit.

Explore online portals like Adda52Rummy to play online rummy free. You can also get exciting rewards and cash prizes by playing different variants available. Once you master the game by practicing using the online rummy free option, download the app, and enjoy gaming any time!

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