Essential Guide to Buying A Cooker

Do you have extra space in your kitchen to accommodate a free-standing cooker? Well, it’s an affordable and excellent choice to separate hobs and ovens because it’s comes as a combination of everything in one unit. Cookers have different functions and features so it’s easy for various brands to come with disparities. However, with this excellent guide from Whichcooker, you should be able to get the best free-standing cooker for your home.

What’s The Cost Of Buying A Cooker?

The average price of a freestanding cooker is determined by the particular functions. For instance, some gas cookers can cost as low as £350 while electric cookers cost about £400. For that amount, you should expect an electric oven with a ceramic hob or a dual-fuel cooker which comes with a gas hob and electric oven.

If you want induction hobs which heat up quickly without heating up the surrounding area, you should expect to pay about £400 to £600 or as high as £1000 for some brands. Even with the high cost, they are considered cheaper than getting a double oven or an induction hob separately.

Price determines how many features you can expect from your cookers. The cheaper options will have basic features such as a single oven and a storage drawer. However, with the more expensive models, you can expect flashier features and better designs.

Remember, when you are shopping for a freestanding cooker, don’t use the price to determine the quality. An expensive cooker might have all the necessary features but fail to deliver in your kitchen.

What To Choose Between Gas And Electric Cookers?

Once you have the budget down, the next thing to determine the best cooker for your choice is the gas or electric option. Well, different people have their preferences on gas or electric when it comes to cookers. You will always get different answers when you ask.

However, you can make the decision depending on the type of supplies coming into the house. For instance, gas cookers are more affordable to run compared to electric cookers. However, you should know that your utility bills might not have a dramatic change depending on the type of cooker you choose.

For other appliances such as fridges, they are switched on for a longer period of time. However, your cooker is only used for a very short time during the day. Therefore, if you are using the cooker frequently, you will have a bigger utility bill. If you are using it once a day, your utility bill will not be huge.

Keep in mind that most brands in the market have duel-fuel options. It means that it can use both gas and electricity. Therefore, if you are not able to make a decision on what to choose between gas or electricity, you can always opt for one with both options.

What’s The Right Size?

Cookers, just like other appliances in a home, come in different sizes and capacities to suit your property and the lifestyle in your home. Most freestanding cookers have a width of 60cm while others fall between 50cms and 60cms. As for the height, most cookers are at the same levels so they are in line with the various kitchen worktops.

Another thing to consider would be the capacity. Manufacturers often state the oven capacity in liters but it might not be an accurate description of what the oven can handle. The capacity is usually measured as the space found in the cooker’s main oven and includes the space not in use such as the gap found in the lower shelf.

What To Expect For Installation And Running Costs?

There’s much more to the cost of a freestanding cooker besides the purchase price. You need to handle the cost of installation and energy in use. Installation prices might vary depending on the local rates. However, you should do your research and get free quotes from the best installers then compare the rates in the market.

When it comes to the cost of installation and other expenses besides the purchase prices, you should expect to pay about £30 to £35. On the lower end of the scale, it’s easy to find gas models that cost about £14 to run every year. However, there are some inefficient electric ovens that might cost about £90 every year. If you have a big family, the average cost of using an electric cooker will be about £45 every year.

Final Thoughts

Buying a freestanding cooker is a great investment for your home. Make sure you find the right model to guarantee a huge return on your investment and energy efficiency in your home effortlessly.

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