Christmas Pajamas: A New Family Tradition


Every year, as the Christmas season rolls around, we look forward to the family traditions that connect us to our loved ones and create good memories for years to come. Food, decorations, music, family gatherings, games, stories, and gifts all play a part in the experience of the holiday. While some traditions may go back for many generations, new ones get created all the time. One new tradition that many families are adding to their holiday celebrations is the custom of gifting and wearing a new set of holiday pajamas.

Pajamas on Christmas Eve

The best way to enjoy Christmas pajamas is to make them a gift to open on Christmas Eve. At the end of the day, the family can gather around the tree and unwrap their PJs just in time for bed. Not only does everyone get the pleasure of opening a gift early, but they can also have the pajamas to wear overnight and on Christmas morning. If your pajamas are comfortable and cozy, you may want to stay in them the whole day.

Pajamas for The Christmas Photo

Another way pajama become a Christmas tradition is when families wear matching sets for a family photo. Not only are pajama photos becoming the hottest holiday trend on social media, but many people use these photos for their Christmas cards as well, sending out an image of their family that comes across as casual and funny. Some photos even feature the family pets wearing matching Christmas sweaters.

Choosing Christmas Pajamas

If you’re looking for Christmas pajamas for your family, you’ll find many options to choose from. The following considerations can help you narrow down your choices:

1. Pattern

Matching sets are extremely popular, especially for family photos, but it can be hard to accommodate every family member. If you can’t find identical pajamas in all the sizes you need, you can look for complementary patterns. For example, you can choose a theme, like Christmas movies, and give each person a set of pajamas that refers to their favorite Christmas film. A fan of A Christmas Story, for instance, might get the famous bunny suit, while a fan of The Grinch might receive pajamas with a Grinch-face pattern. Another alternative to matching patterns is a customized slogan, like the family name or the year embroidered onto the fabric.

2. Fabric

Fabric is an important factor in the comfort level of pajamas. The wrong fabric can feel rough or scratchy. Also, some fabrics feel much warmer than others. If staying warm is a priority, consider fleece or flannel for a soft and cozy texture that will wrap you in warmth. If you live in a warmer climate or simply prefer a lighter fabric, look for pajamas made of cotton or polyester. Consider washing new pajamas before wrapping them up because washing can soften a stiff fabric.

3. Style

Pajamas are available in several styles: jumpsuits, two-piece sets, and lounge pants. Jumpsuits are extra warm, and they often come with a hood. Two-piece sets include lounge pants and a t-shirt or button-up shirt. Lounge pants are sold separately, but they can combine with any top. Lounge pants are an increasingly popular all-day wardrobe choice, and people can enjoy a Christmas pattern throughout the holiday season.

Where to Find the Best Christmas Pajamas

It can be hard to find matching sets of pajamas in every size you need in a department store, but it’s easy to find a wide range of patterns and sizes online. The key to successful shopping online is to read the size charts carefully and make sure you’re choosing the right size according to the manufacturer or retailer. It can also help to read online reviews before buying pajamas since reviewers frequently comment on fit. To see a variety of fun Christmas pajamas for children and adults, visit Make sure to order early to allow plenty of time for shipping.

Final Thoughts

Celebrating Christmas with a new set of holiday-themed pajamas can be a rewarding tradition for any family. Kids will look forward to discovering each year’s new pattern on Christmas Eve, and parents will enjoy sharing adorable photos with family and friends. For even more fun, consider adding extras, like slippers, a bathrobe, stuffed toys, or matching Christmas sweaters.

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