Choosing the Best Diamond Shape for Your Finger


Finding inspiration and ideas for what you might like is essential in any ring-selection process. You may have friends whose jewelry you adore, or perhaps you draw on trends in the celebrity world. However, it is important to note, that although a particular style of diamond speaks to you, or may look to-die-for on a friend, it may very well not be the ring that is right for you. And, let’s be honest, you want to get diamond shopping right!

In the same way that you wear clothes to best suit your figure and show off your best assets, there is, in fact, an ideal diamond shape to flatter your hands and finger types.

Whether you are looking for something classic and timeless, or something a little different to show off your personality, there’s a ring for you! 

Elongated diamond shapes and thinner bands are most complementary for people with somewhat shorter fingers, as they create the illusion of more slender fingers. Petite hands should generally stick to smaller stones in order to not overpower and make your hands look even smaller.

The Marquise cut was allegedly invented for Louis XIV’s mistress Marquise de Pompadour as the shape reminded him of her smile – what a heartthrob! It is dramatic, opulent and actually makes the diamond look bigger than it is, especially if surrounded by side stones.

The Oval is a twist on the classic round shape, yet delivers the same remarkable brilliance. Its round edges make it the perfect every-day-diamond and its slender form will help stretch your fingers to highlight your hand’s best features.

The Pear combines the Oval and the Marquise shapes to resemble a brilliant teardrop, delicately balanced on your finger. This is a shape that is truly unique, as it may be designed to look wider or more elongated, which is ideal for personalising your diamond to flatter your fingers the most.

Now for the other end of the finger spectrum: people blessed with long and slender fingers will find that more angular shapes suit them best. Wider bands are also a viable choice.

The Radiant has 8 bevelled corners and is cut with an incredible 70 facets, making it the rarest diamond shape and also once of the most spectacularly brilliant. It’s first-class sparkle also tends to mask any imperfections. Perfect for long and slim hands, as it appears larger than it is and therefore will avoid elongating your fingers even more.

The Princess is one of the most popular shapes as it exudes femininity and glamour. As well as being high up on the brilliance scale with anywhere between 49 to 144 facets (depending on the size), the Princess is also one of the most affordable shapes due to the minimal waste ensued when cutting this shape. Similar to the Radiant, this shape’s intricate scintillation can easily hide any flaws in the diamond, which makes it more economical.

The Cushion is reminiscent of a more romantic era, as this shape has been around for centuries. Cushions are usually executed into larger stones due to their outline and therefore have larger facets for that extra twinkle. The rounded edges also allow for easy every-day-wear.

The Emerald provides all the luxury and sophistication, with a large flat table to show off your diamond’s impeccable clarity. Varying from an almost square shape to a narrow rectangle, the Emerald boasts long, lean facets that resemble steps.

If your hands are on the larger, wider side, it is best to avoid delicate cuts like the Oval, Marquise and Pear, instead opting for a larger, chunkier design so that it looks nicely proportioned on your hand. The trick for fingers with large knuckles is to select wider bands, drawing attention to the ring and away from your knuckles.

The Heart is ideal for larger hands due to its showstopper shape and is, of course, the ultimate symbol of love. You may opt for a more elongated or a wider shaped heart to match your fingers.

For your classic, timeless style, the Round is your safest bet. Accounting for well over 75% of diamonds sold, the RBC (round brilliant cut) is the most popular shape and also the most flattering, as it complements all hand and finger sizes. With 58 facets, the sparkle bounces all the way from the bottom through to the top for maximum lustre. This is truly a diamond for all so depending on your finger type you can choose a size that will flatter your hand and speak to your heart.

The best way to decide is by trying on the different sizes and shapes on your own finger. So next time you’re buying jewelry don’t be afraid to try multiple pieces until you find one you love. And if you’re buying online, some companies home try-on-kits that bring the jewelry shopping experience home. 

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