Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 1st – 7th Nov 2020

Love and Relationships

A single person might fall for a co-worker of the opposite sex. This single person may receive fitting responses to their suggestive gestures. The couple may meet after office hours, and both may decide to continue meeting, forming a long-lasting romantic relationship. Love birds may have a pleasant time. On the family front, there may be no issues, so you may have a comfortable time. Married folks may continue enjoying the pleasures of marital life.


Students pursuing graduation may not pay much attention to their studies, and may not spend enough time to learn things properly. Hence, they might not make due progress. Students pursuing post-graduation may ward off distractions, and remain focused while studying for long hours. Hence, they may make encouraging progress during this phase.


When it comes to health and fitness, middle-aged and senior folks may experience joint and muscle pain. They might do well to apply due external measures to minimize pain, instead of depending on painkillers. Middle-aged folks and seniors may also need to be careful when it comes to nagging old health issues, like irregularity in blood pressure or an increase in blood sugar. Follow all the instructions of your dietician to save yourself from further complications. Try indulging in some physical activity in the morning to remain fit throughout the day.


According to the current planetary movement, your financial position may be comfortable. You may be able to increase your income flow, thus increasing your funds. Some expenses regarding domestic matters may come up. There may be no major expense during this phase. However, you might not be able to save much here.


During this phase, businessmen may face some new challenges, when it comes to pushing ahead sales. Businessmen may need to face these challenges, and spend time and energy to attain their objective of increasing sales. Businessmen may also get a chance to land a deal with high-end customers. This might raise their spirits. Career-oriented folks may be able to perform effectively, and their output too might increase. Salaried folks may feel secure about their position.

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