Bureau to be set up for increasing systematic growth of Ayush Ministry

The AYUSH Ministry is set to constitute a ‘Strategic Policy and Facilitation Bureau’ (SPFB) in collaboration with M/s Invest India, to facilitate planned and systematic growth of the Ayush sector.

“This is one of the various steps which the Ministry has initiated to chalk out its future course of action which the stakeholders of the Ayush sector will have to follow,” said an AYUSH Ministry statement.

The setting up of the SPFB is a step forward to make the Ayush systems future-ready.

The Ministry said the SPFB will support it in strategic and policy-making initiatives to realise the full potential of the sector and stimulate growth and investment.

“As the Covid-19 pandemic leaves indelible imprints on the health-seeking behaviour of people around the world, such a strategy unit could lend immense support to the stakeholders of the Ayush sector,” the Ministry added.

As a partner in the project, M/S Invest India would collaborate extensively with the Ministry to frame the workplan of the Bureau and define its short and long-term targets. ‘Invest India’ would deploy highly trained and expert resources to implement and execute the plans of the AYUSH Ministry.

The SPFB would carry out various activities, including knowledge creation and management, strategic and policy-making support, and state policy bench-marking.

It would provide for investment facilitation — follow-up and facilitation of investment cases and Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs), and coordination among different departments, organisations and states.

The AYUSH Ministry would assist the Bureau in responding to investment proposals, issues and queries, and fund ‘Invest India’ for undertaking necessary activities. The Ministry will also support the Bureau in building links with various stakeholders such as industry associations, affiliate bodies of the Ministry and Industry representation.

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