Biggest MMORPGs For Android


15 Best And Biggest MMORPGs For Android

There is nothing that can be more entertaining than MMORPGs in the modern era of computer games. It opens a completely new world full of actions and adventures. Very often, it may take a little bit a while before a certain product shows some signs of success until players start to explore its true potential on their mobile devices. For that reason, it might be a little bit complex to really distinguish a high profile product right from the start, which may be the opposite for resources where You can find servers l2 classic on as well as find some information about most popular products.

Adventure Quest 3D

One of the most popular and constantly growing games is Adventure Quest 3D. This game has compatible platforms for portable devices and for a PC, which enables players from both dimensions to come together and get the taste of the game. People can create their characters; make raids on various dungeons etc. There is support for these players who would like to multi-class their playing characters.

Arcane Legends

This game has been on the market for quite a while and has been updated many times hence it may seem to be a little bit repetitive. Players are allowed to choose from three classes, which will feature their own abilities and skills. There are various formats of PvP available. There is a cooperative multiplayer mode, which allows other players to join in and play with each other. The game is very exciting and captivating.

Aurcus Online

The game is very interesting and challenging from the start as players can create characters, raid bosses, commence questing and cooperate with other players. There is a chance of participating in PvP combats. The game really shines when controls of a fight are used. Launching an attack is pretty easy with a tiny touch of controls. As a result, skills will be released instantly and an attack will be finished in an acrobatic fashion.

Black Desert Mobile

The game is one of the newest ones on the market for Android devices. It offers a huge number of different features, which makes it so special. It has an enormous open world, plenty of settings for playing characters, social online elements as well as a lot of missions and quests to complete. Individuals will have a choice of five different classes and building elements that is located in the player’s camp. Some bags were noticed but overall impressions of the game are very good as people may spend hundreds of hours whilst playing the game.

Grow Stone Online

The game is regarded as a retro-styled game that uses 2Dpixel art. Despite this fact, the product is very interesting and the gameplay is extremely captivating. There is a huge open-world that requires exploration, lots of loot to be collected, plenty of bad guys to have an encounter with and make sure they are killed. Players can form and join different clans, whereas the controls of the game are relatively easy.

Era of Legends

The product is one of the newest on the market for Android devices. The system of quests foundation is less-cored and its routine is based primarily on a greater number of fights and things that ought to be done. The game offers a huge open world with lots of discoveries to be made. It also features a PvP arena, the ability to fight with bosses, create clans with other players. Those who prefer auto-mode can easily switch from the manual mode of the game.

Lineage 2: Revolution

The game is certainly one of the newest in its category. It offers players tones of content as well as some unique features. It includes the mode of Fortress Siege that is based on 50 vs. 50. It works in an unprecedented fashion when it is approached in the right way. Players may join and create clans, guilds, or go questing. Google Play will reward users of this game with some point if this product is picked up.

Old School RuneScape

This game is regarded to be one of the most interesting and captivating products for Android. The graphics rather come from the old school. It features hundreds of various quests, there are lots of things to do and discover as well as the game offers very rich ergonomics. The game can be played for free and no fermium elements will be added. Subscription can be arranged at an additional price. The game works in a cross-platform way, whereas developers do their job quite well by listening to players.

Rucoy Online

The game takes place on a 2D open-world map. Players can enjoy three classes of characters and can also switch among them with ease. The open world is full of adventures and discoveries that will have to be made. Multiplayer abilities are outstanding as well as the cooperative mode and PvP mode will be at players’ disposal.

School of Chaos

The game is rather unique in the way the plot of the game is created. It is a pure school of chaos on the internet. It combines all daily life of the high school and the tensions that take place in a prison. Players can play with tons of other participants, have customizable characters and unlike any other games of this type, a quest can be created by the player. Players will have to learn fighting moves and will be able to join clans.

Sins Raid

The product is relatively new but strangely uses old mechanics but at the same time rather looks modern. It offers players a decent selection of character classes and good character settings. Players will enjoy cooperative raids, strategic RPG, and guilds. It is important to learn how to play on your own and only then join guilds and cooperative strikes.


This is one of the newest games in the category of MMORPG. The features of the game are simply outstanding and include the enormous size of the open world, great and challenging quests, whereas battles can be performed cooperatively as well as on the basis of competitions. The game also features PvP mode in FPS style. The catapults can shoot into each other, which looks very interesting and challenging. The game has the mode of auto-play. The game’s micro-transaction strategy is widely regarded as being too aggressive.

Toram Online

The game is very popular among users. It does not offer the system of classes but instead has the tree of skills that can be developed in the way the player wants to. Weapons in the game are fully customizable, whereas their abilities can be changed. The gameplay and the graphics of the game create an impression of fantasy. In fact, this is one of the most customizable games out there.

Warspear Online

This is one of the games, which has been on the market for a while. Therefore, the universe of the game has great chances for rapid expansion. There are more than 150 achievements, more than 1500 different quests to go through, and PvP with the ability to fight each other 5 vs. 5 players. Eight different environments are offered as well as players can choose from two alliances and four classes and as many as twelve classes of characters. Crafting is also an available option.

World of Prandis

This is one of the newest games out there. Its mobile version has recently been launched and therefore its main popularity is gained on different platforms. The game offers marvelous 3D graphics. The product features guilds, various raids, PvP, two different regions that players have to go through as well as the system of lovers, which is very unusual. There are no races in the game but tribes – three in total. There is no tree for character development. The game also features six classes.

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