Betting Sites Not on GamStop

There are thousands of different betting sites out there today. They will vary widely in terms of the markets that they operate, where they are licensed, and what sorts of products they offer. 

Sports betting is massively popular all across the world, and betting sites will come in many different shapes and forms. Some are licensed in the UK, meaning that they are a part of GamStop. You will also come across non-UK licensed betting sites and as a result, they are not a part of GamStop. 

Problem gambling is a very important topic today and it is important that people protect themselves if they are experiencing issues. GamStop is an effective way for UK problem gamblers to protect themselves. However, some people prefer to use online betting sites not on gamstop UK for pure betting reasons.

The main advantage is that you will not really have limits and restrictions on how much you can bet in given markets and you will usually get much better bonus offerings. This article looks at the topic in more detail.

Why are some Betting Sites not on GamStop?

Only betting sites that are licensed in the UK can be a part of GamStop. This means that all non-UK licensed sites will not be a part of GamStop. Here are some of the advantages when using non-GamStop betting sites:

Bigger bonuses: Most betting sites will have some sort of welcome offer when you create a new account. This allows you to usually get a free bet or a deposit bonus of some kind. While there will be a lot of restrictions on these offers with GamStop betting sites, this is not the case with non-GamStop sites. It will often be a lot easier to meet the wagering requirements for these non-GamStop offers, as well as getting access to more lucrative offers.

Tons of variety and great odds: If you want to get more variety and take a more international approach with well-supported markets for all events, non-GamStop betting sites could be the best option. You can also shop around and get some of the best odds for given bets through these non-GamStop betting sites.

Online casino offerings: While sports betting is enjoyable, it can be stressful at times if your favorite team is on the losing end. A lot of the better bookmakers not on Gamstop will also have an online casino offering. By trying out these games, you can take your mind off sports betting and focus on having a fun time. 

Fewer restrictions: With non-GamStop, you will usually have fewer restrictions on how much you can bet on a given event or betting market. There is just more overall freedom for the punter.

Types of Betting Sites not on GamStop

If you are looking for the leading betting sites that are not a part of GamStop, you have plenty of choices. The platforms that you come across will usually cater to a wide variety of needs when it comes to different sports. Everything from football to basketball, tennis, horse racing, and esports betting will be catered for. 


Football is by far the most popular sport for people to place a wager on. There are tons of games taking place across the world every day, each of which can be found on non-GamStop sites. There are great betting opportunities, decent odds and lucrative bonus offers often on offer for these games. 


Another massively popular sport to bet on is tennis. This is particularly the case for in-play bettors. There are plenty of games taking place every day and most non-GamStop will have strong live betting offerings allowing you to take advantage of a game in real-time.


Cricket is a leading sport in the UK and while it often has a slower pace this allows for bettors to react more effectively to changing situations. Non-GamStop betting sites will offer betting in cricket games all across the world, from international games to those in the Indian Premier League.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is only behind football in terms of popularity among UK bettors. Non-GamStop horse racing betting sites often have great odds and plenty of data that you can use to research and come to a conclusion about the best horse in a given race.


Both rugby union and rugby league are popular in the UK. One of the most popular betting markets for the games among non-GamStop sites will be handicap betting options. Tons of games across the world will be offered.

Is it safe to bet on sites without GamStop?

It is important that you do your research on any betting sites that you are thinking of joining. Make sure that the payment methods that are on offer at a non-GamStop are legit and are commonplace in the online gambling space. 

You should also check to see in what non-UK jurisdictions the offering is licensed in, such as Curacao or Malta. Finally, check expert reviews of the platforms to see what the experts are saying about these sites.

Pros and Cons Bookmakers not on GamStop

There are a number of pros and cons associated with using non-GamStop bookmakers. Here are some of these pros and cons:

Pros Betting on Bookies not on GamStop

The UK Gambling Commission is not the only regulatory authority for betting sites in the world. There are other respected authorities in the likes of Malta, Gibraltar, and Curacao to also consider. As non-GamStop betting sites are independent, they do not have to be curtailed by the many restrictions that the UK Gambling Commission imposes upon licensed operators, such as limits on betting and bonuses. 

You will come across great rewards with non-GamStop betting sites. Offers will be bigger, more enjoyable and easier to cash out. Most of the non-GamStop betting sites will also have great mobile sites that do not require any download process to place bets via your mobile device.

Cons of Betting on Sites not on GamStop

While a lot of non-GamStop betting sites have a self-exclusion list, there is currently no self-exclusion program like GamStop that allows you to self-exclude yourself en masse from all similar platforms. There will also be no GamCare certificate that displays the site’s safety level. 

While there is usually an expansive list of payment options at non-GamStop sites, there will usually be no phone or PayPal payment available. Finally, the Curacao eGaming regulator is seen as perhaps the weakest regulator for gambling globally. Therefore, additional research is needed before committing to a site with such a license.

Final words

As you can see, there are pros and cons to using a non-GamStop betting site. Usually, you will get access to a great range of markets, good odds, and nice bonus offers. The choice is ultimately in your hands, once you are aware of responsible gambling and ensuring that you are in control of your own gambling. As you are not connected with GamStop, it is up to you to determine if you are betting too much.

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