Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 8th – 14th Nov 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles in a relationship may feel pressure from their loved ones. She may want to solemnize the relationship by getting married. However, financial constraints may stall any wedding plans. On the family front, there may be some issues that could cause you discomfort. Planetary movements indicate that you may need to bear with this for now. In relationships, some issue or the other might crop up, keeping you uneasy for now.


Students pursuing graduation in science or IT related subjects may need to exert more. They may be able to work well enough and memorize things satisfactorily. Overall, students pursuing graduation in science or IT related subjects may make decent progress. Students pursuing post-graduation may learn things quickly and memorize well, thus making encouraging progress.


According to planetary movements, there may be some health issues that might catch up with you. Hence, you may need to remain careful about your health. You may need to aim at keeping your digestive system working well. You may run into trouble thanks to excess of acidic reflux in the digestive system. Try including fiber-rich grains and vegetables in your diet, to flush out excess acidic reflux and get you relief. Do some physical activity or light exercise in the morning, to remain fit.


Current planetary movements indicate that you may need to handle money matters carefully. You may do well to refrain from taking undue risks, in order to enhance your prospects on the financial front. The middle of the week may bring you some monetary benefit. The gain may lift your spirits, and you may be motivated to carry on exerting to increase your income inflow. You may be able to easily manage routine and incidental expenses.


Planetary movements midweek may be supportive of businessmen. They may be able to strike a big-ticket deal which may be quite profitable. Businessmen dealing with companies abroad may also have good deals to last for a long time. Businessmen may do well to avoid short-term travel. Salaried folks may be under pressure from their immediate bosses to hurry things up, and provide more output. These folks may work for extended hours at times.

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