Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 1st – 7th Nov 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles in relationships may develop some serious misgivings about their loved one’s undesirable conduct. According to current planetary movements, singles may need to bear this unfortunate situation for a while. Married folks may enjoy the pleasures of married life to the fullest. When it comes to relationships in general, you may be in discomfort due to some issue or the other. You may need to keep your cool and wait patiently, to resolve this troubling issue.


During this phase, students pursuing graduation in science or IT related subjects might do well to learn things properly and memorize effectively. Such students might then be able to make satisfactory progress. Students pursuing post-graduation may remain attentive about studies and may make good progress during this phase.


Planetary movements indicate that there might be a major health issue that may catch up with you. You need to be quite careful when it comes to your health. If you experience any symptoms of trouble, you should visit your physician. It would be wise to maintain physical fitness, work out in the gym or exercise in the morning.


The movement of two major planets means all may not be well on the financial front. Beware of taking undue risks in order to earn more money. You may need to exercise discretion in spending money and might need to keep provisions for contingency. You may be successful in saving money for future needs.


During this phase, planetary movements dictate that businessmen may need to take care while traveling to meet potential customers. Midweek onwards, things may look up for businessmen, as they may have a chance to tie up with a foreign company. Businessmen may plan a trip abroad to conclude this tie-up. Salaried individuals may remain stressed thanks to a heavy workload. They may need to work for extended hours at a time. However, they may feel happy thanks for encouraging future growth prospects.

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