A Beginner’s Guide To Meme


Every social media website wishes that more and more people share their content. A meme is the internet’s inside jokes that make them shareable. They carry relevance and a feeling of familiarity among users. They are a hidden ingredient that can lead to greater visibility and popularity of your social media website. Read on to learn more about this remarkable marketing strategy. 

What Makes Meme So Appealing?

  • They are captivating
  • They enable your online audience to talk about complex issues or ideas via a simple concept.
  • They have the potential to make any content viral.
  • They are a means to paint your creativity and imagination in humorous colors.
  • They are convenient to create and are a lot of fun!

Reasons To Use Memes In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

A lot of businesses have started understanding the importance of Meme Marketing. An average person spends around two hours on social media daily. Around 80% of the content that circulates on social media comprises of memes. They are created for value via entertainment that helps a business in its marketing efforts.

Memes are highly effective love to laugh at them and share them. They originate from one place and are carried from one person to another and create a wave. They provide abundant opportunities for a business to engage with its audience.

Compared to regular advertising and informational content on social media like sponsored ads, memes are refreshing. When used in marketing, they do not sound overly promotional.

It makes the audience laugh, along with giving a casual reference to the brand.

Due to this feature, meme-marketing is considered to be a highly important method for connecting a large audience with a business. It makes people laugh, but with a casual reference to your brand, which makes meme-marketing a very important method to connect with your existing and potential consumers.

People love sharing meme and such reposting and resharing of meme help in reaching a wider set of audience. In this way, they advocate your business brand.

  • The meme also facilitates showcasing complicated concepts like your company culture and brand personality.
  • Adding memes in your content is the best way to incite shares.
  • A meme is a simple means to capitalize on shared knowledge that leads to greater engagement from the audience. This makes them ideal for social media marketing.
  • Memes are gaining mainstream attention. Even the most reputed and high-end brands have started to experiment with memes to grow their fan base.
  • Memes have the power to expand a business reach considerably when it targets the right set of audience.

How To Use Them?

  • Know the likes, and dislikes of your audience. Learn about their preferences and issues that they face.
  • Use apps such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc. These tools let you create memes from scratch (original memes) or provide features to edit any existing memes.
  • Browse through meme sharing websites like PutPut and insta pages like #PutPut #LustigeBilder #pr0gramm to check out the popular memes and common ways to use them. This meme website is a great place to learn about funny videos and funny images. You can post your funny content/meme on this website. It will reach a wider segment of the audience via PutPut
  • Use a free, accessible, and simple meme generator that does not need any software installation. They have pre-specified fonts and font alignment, to save the time of the user. Some of the best tools are:
  • Memedad.com
  • MemeGenerator.net
  • imgur.com/memegen
  • https://imgflip.com/memegenerator

Refer to some popular meme pages on social media. Below is the list of top ten meme pages on FB that will give you an idea of how to post funny and relatable posts to attract traffic. 

  • Memes
  • Student Problems
  • Epiclol.Com
  • Nba Memes
  • Mclovin
  • Dude
  • Alonzo Lerone
  • Nfl Memes
  • See More
  • Car Memes

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