7 Happiness Tips For New Parents


1.         Always Be True to Self

One of the most important roles you will ever take on is being a parent, but it does not mean that it replaces everything that existed prior to the arrival of the baby. Our culture, unfortunately, expects women in particular to focus solely on this aspect of their lives while losing the rest of themselves.

A better idea would be for both mothers and fathers to each commit to maintaining at least one hobby after the arrival of the baby and take turns watching the baby while the other goes out alone. All these things are critical to reminding you that it is actually possible to balance the best of the life you had before the baby and the wonders of your new role as a parent.  Check out this list of gift ideas for parents.

2.         Try Getting Some Sleep

Sleepless nights are definitely not a laughing matter to most new parents. If a healthy adult is derived from sleep for even just 1 month, he/she starts developing all the clinical signs of depression.

Sleeping when the baby is asleep is obviously not an option if the child won’t go to sleep and this is why parents are turning to the methods prescribed by Dr. Harvey Karp, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Southern California School of Medicine in Los Angeles.

Dr. Karp has developed a baby-soothing Rx, which is referred to as the 5 S’s (Swaddling, Side/Stomach Position, Swinging, Shushing, and Sucking). Whatever technique you use, keep this in mind: If the baby sleeps better, you will sleep better too and happiness is guaranteed to follow.

3.         Assemble an Entourage

According to research, today’s parent is less likely to spend time with his/her friends and extended family than he/she was a generation ago, which means that new parents could be missing out on a healthy support system.

Raising a child was never intended to be a 1- or 2-person affair, says Dr. Karp. It was always the mother, father, aunt, next-door neighbor, grandmother, uncle, etc. – everything was shared. So, don’t be afraid to accept help if it comes along or actively seek it out when it is not by either joining a mom group or hiring a babysitter.

4.         Let Go of Your “Rights”

Happy parenting is not always about perfectionism. It can be rather easy to be preoccupied with the most ideal way to swaddle a baby, manage sleep patterns, or even to introduce solids, but you will be a lot happier once you come to the realization that there are numerous ways to do things the right way.

So, instead of focusing your energy on comparing notes with fellow moms or even advice/tips offered on a parenting website, you should try doing what you know in your heart is best for both you and the baby and let others do the same. In the end, it will be a major way to save your sanity.

5.         Hone Your Health

Women in particular are usually hyperconscious of their health choices when pregnant, but such habits are critical too once the baby is born.

Keep your mood and blood sugar stable with small, frequent, and nutritious meals while continuously taking your prenatal vitamins if you are breastfeeding because deficiencies in iron, folic acid, and vitamin D can lead to mood disorders and fatigue.

Exercise is equally important for it elevates your mood thanks to the feel-good endorphins released as well as the body confidence it brings.

6.         Please Both You and Your Partner

Postpartum pampering, whether it is a bubble bath, taking a trip to the salon, or a bit of makeup, can go a long way towards making you feel not only human but also happy.

The ultimate path to pleasure, obviously, is connecting with your partner. It does not need to be hot, steamy sex or a night on the town; plenty of couples are happy simply curling up with popcorn, ordering a movie, and escaping into the couch for a couple of hours of snuggle time.

7.         Look at the Bigger Picture

The day-to-day challenges associated with parenting might not fill you with joy, but once you stop and think about the life that you have taken part in creating as well as the larger experience of raising the child, chances are your cup will overflow with warm fuzzies. Seeing your child/children grow, learn, and change will boost your happiness. You have most likely heard it a few million times before, but for good reason: Those moments will quickly pass and if you make the mistake of even blinking, you will most likely miss them.

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