7 Best Road Trips to Take in France

Without a doubt, France is one of the most exotic destinations for any lover of trips and adventures. From its ancient chateaux to heavenly fields of perfumed flowers to rustic villages and brilliant vineyards, the land of the French has everything in stock for you. 

Going on a road trip is one of the best ways to enjoy and appreciate this dramatic European nation. In light of these, today, NYK Daily covers the seven best road trips you can take when there. Get your Google Map or any other trusted GPS navigator handy, and let’s have some real and unlimited fun! 

Route Napoleon 

As you might have guessed, this is a road trip that has a good flair of history. This is because you will follow the route of Napoleon Bonaparte’s march from Elba to Grenoble when he was on his way to depose King Louis XVIII. Here is a path that you are going to find very pristine and incredibly scenic. This is because Napoleon carefully selected the roads far from populous centers, so if you are in love with the charming countryside, this is the one for you. 

Commence your trip from Cannes and drive without a stop to Grasse, known for its exquisite perfume industry. Then branch by the Aux Charmes de Grasse and tour this ancient town for one day. From there, you head to the ranges for unbelievably tantalizing scenery of the Mediterranean coastline. While you are on this road trip, pay attention to many of the plaques and signs that are reminders of Napoleon’s wild march across the mountain roads. 

Cruise to the Col de Valferriere, Castellane’s charming hamlet, and the historic ruins of Chateau de Broundet. This is one of the most exciting parts of the road trip. You will enjoy the curvy turns and breathtaking views of the cliffs. Drive on until you get to Grenoble, where you can relax at Le Grand Hotel Grenoble. 

Franche-Comte Route

If you love food, then this is the best option for you. You are going to drive from Calais to Franche-Comte close to the French-Swiss border before cruising south. It will take you around six hours for the entire trip. 

You should pause at Reims, which is the biggest city in the Champagne region, and savor the glory of the countless UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the area. Some of France’s most luxuriant vineyards are on this road trip, with Ruinart and Taittinger being prime examples. 

Once you are done sampling the wines, you will drive for four hours before getting to the culinary heaven of Franche-Comte. Even though Burgundy is not far off, this is the place for you to enjoy authentic French meals and the legendary local cheese. You should go in the summer or spring to get the best of this place. 

Bonnelles, Yvelines Route

If you have always wanted to have a road trip across the French countryside, this road trip is ideal for you. Your journey starts just about half an hour outside Paris, where there is a set of old farm hours that is also a beloved site for Parisians. To reach the starting point, join Le Shuttle right from Folkestone, and after riding for half an hour, you will be at Calais. Start your driving from Calais, and after spending a few hours on the road, you will be at Bonnelles. 

Alsace Road Trip

France is home to some of the most excellent wines, and if you love vintage wines and road trips, then this route is definitely for you. Start your journey from Strasbourg and relax at the resplendent Cour du Corbeau. 

Once you have done shopping, hiking, and eating to your full, continue driving southwards until you get to Colmar. Settle at the beautiful Le Colombier as you ruffle through the length and breadth of Alsace and all its wine-making areas. Sample the freshest white wines and walk the grounds of the old castles before driving back to Strasbourg.

If you have the time on your return leg, branch by the Haut-Koenigsbourg chateau, which dates back to the Middle Ages. 

Bordeaux to Biarritz Route

Driving from rural areas to the coast is one of the most relaxing things you can do in France. Start from Bordeaux and you can hire your cab or drive yourself. Take your time to tour Bordeaux with all the fine wines before getting to Saint-Emilion, a traditional scenic village. You can do some hiking here while you enjoy some tasty French cuisine. 

Drive southward until you get to Navarrenx, which is one of the prettiest villages in France. Later on, drive to Barcus and relax at any of the gorgeous chalets. You can also drive around the mountains in the area before you finally head to the coast. 

French Lake District Road Trip

On this road trip, you are going to enjoy stunning views of tranquil lakes in the Alps. You start your drive from Calais, and it will be a long one – the whole day. The good thing is that you will be able to tour all the old villages, hike across the mountains and marvel at the villas and luxury hotels. Those who are not familiar with the area, get on Le Shuttle from Folkestone till you get to Calais. Driving from Calais to Annecy will take you eight hours, but you can rest along the way at Dijon or Reims. 

Languedoc –Provence Route

Here is an ideal route for the lovers of nature. The provinces of Provence and Languedoc will offer you some of the most beautiful natural attractions. You get to Avignon by air or rent a car and drive to Uzes, a town that has existed for centuries. Take a stop at L’Albiousse for some relaxation before you continue driving south till you get to Nimes. 

Nimes is a historic city with some sites dating back over 2,000 years ago to the Roman Empire. Drive further till you have covered all of Languedoc before you enter Provence. Take your time to enjoy stops at Roussillon and Gordes. Of course, you have to drive to Valensole to smell the world-famous lavender fields. After getting maximum pleasure from the aura that Southern France offers you, you can drive out and get a flight out of Avignon. Au revoir! 

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