6 Things You Should Keep at the Back of Your Mind When Hiring a Business Signage Provider


Many people don’t realize it but having optimal signage can be an incredibly powerful marketing strategy for growing your business. When you have attention-grabbing signage, your business will benefit from increased visibility and also stand out from the sea of competition surrounding you. Also, your brand will become etched in the memory of those seeing your sign, and next time they need a product or service that you offer, you will be high up in their minds. However, in order to effectively leverage this opportunity, you require a business partner that understands your needs. That’s just where Green Light Innovations comes in. We provide high-quality signs to make your business stand out. Whether you need a “We are Closed” sign or just a simple LED Open Sign to let your customers that you are in operation, you can trust us to give you just what you are looking for.

Having been in the industry for more than 10 years, we understand the rules of the game thoroughly. If you are looking for a Signs company, there are a few basic things you should consider. One of these includes the ability to craft a really quality signage. The reason you cannot underestimate the power of a good sign is that 68% of customers believe that a business sign is a reflection of the quality of business you offer. If you put out a good and high-quality sign, you are sending a positive message to potential customers and the reverse is true. 

Irrefutable Experience

It is one thing to design and install turnkey business signage and it’s quite another to have a partner that has design, installation, servicing, and maintenance experience and knowledge. When you choose a business signage provider that’s knowledgeable in a wide range of signage projects, you increase your chance of ending up with an outstanding neon open sign that will grab the attention of passersby. That’s because such a company will not only put a new sign in front of your store, retrofit your business with visually-appealing neon signs, and also install digital signage. In other words, a professional signage company like Green Light Innovations will usually have all the answers that you are looking for. Once you have given us an idea about what you want, you can let us do the heavy lifting and the legwork for you.

Good Signage Company does more than just Manufacture Signs

Not only will a professional signage provider produce compelling signs that make you easily stand out from the crowd but will also offer a suite of other services. These include starting from design, production of the sign, installation to even maintenance among other things. 

At Green Light Innovations, our services extend well beyond sign manufacture. There is no need to settle for an imperfect process when a comprehensive provider that effectively understands the value of good signage is there.

Ability to Cut Through the Red Tape

If you have ever tried to get your signage approved by the relevant authorities, you know that navigating the local zoning regulations and getting approved by the relevant municipalities can be the least exciting thing. In the US, all townships and cities have sign ordinances that govern the location and size of business signage. In some places, the size of business signs as well as the lighting that you can use on it is restricted. 

You will usually need a permit approval for almost all stages of the signage process. Whether it’s design, installation, refacing, resizing, and replacing, you will need to be approved. When you nail the right business signage firm, you can trust them to cut through the complexity and help you circumvent the stumbling blocks to effectively achieve the sign that your business needs to stand out.

Ability to Produce Durable Signs That Stand the Test of Time

Durability is just as important as quality. Choose a business signage manufacturer that guarantees you superior-quality and durable signs. This means signs that can be left outdoors and hold up well to all weather elements. While all signs will eventually wear out, a durable business sign can take you for several years. Before you choose a sign company, let them show you proof that their signage fabrication process uses high-quality materials that can stand up to any kind of weather. After that, ensure that the company in question expertly installs your signage so that it can last long.

A True Business Partner

With the right business partner, you will continue to have a fruitful business relationship long after the project is completed. Such a company isn’t just interested in snatching your business. 

After you develop a strong working relationship with a sign manufacturer like Green Light Innovations, you will be sure that they will be there for you any time you need them. With a guaranteed point of contact that’s always just a call away, you have the peace of mind that someone has got your back. Only a true turnkey sign manufacturer with a longstanding reputation for excellence can form that kind of partnership with you.


There is a good reason we have put the cost factor at the tail end of the article. Even if you would like to cut costs and keep your expenses low, signage is not a place to cut corners. For one, it is the first point of contact between customers and your brand. Because first impressions are everything in business, you need to have an outstanding sign that is instantly recognizable by the general public. For this reason, we always warn our customers from going for cheaper signs just because they are on a budget. It can cost you big time. Even just a mere Neon Open Sign matters and should be of the highest quality possible.

Call Green Light Innovations, A True Sign Manufacturer Partner

Green Light Innovations is a leading sign manufacturer that has consistently produced high-quality signs that are sure to make your business stand out from the crowd. We are the premier business signs provider with an experience that spans decades. We make all types of signs so you can call us if you need a LED Open Sign or any other type of sign. We deliver the work with excellent installation. Offering a full suite of services, you won’t have to look anywhere once you hire us. Call us today.

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