6 Things to know before dating a shy guy

Shy boys feel extremely nervous around girls that make their hearts beat fiercely. A girl might think that a man should have enough guts but facts contradict hopes. Some teens can get so tongue-tied that they can’t even make a move anymore.

So what makes him clam up in front of the girl of his dreams?

He’s focusing too much on how to impress you.

A boy knows that he has only one shot at making a significant and lasting impression, and so if he does it all bad the first time, then this could endanger his chance of ever getting to know you.

The perpetual fear of denial.

A boy would never get used to denial, no matter how many women have abandoned him in the past. He’s more prone to fear making a move on you if he’s been hurt in the past. Give him time to overcome his fear, and he should come out just fine.

He’s pressured to win you.

Perhaps he sees all the contenders that are lining up to win your affection, too. Therefore, this man is compelled to prove that he’s the best on the pack.

Boys have insecurities, too.

They’re just not good at acknowledging that they’re insecure with something. The nervousness is the only indication that that insecurity does exist. Perhaps he feels that he’s not good enough for you; hence, he’ll be panicky at the mere sight of you.

He’s afraid that the girl has a different taste when it comes to humor.

To boys, having a sense of humor is everything. And so, if they fail at this job, it would be something that they’ll feel badly about. This man feels agitated because he doesn’t know how to approach you, when is the right time to make you laugh, or even just smile.

They’ve seen too many pieces of pain when it comes to bonds.

This boy might like you so much, but he’s afraid that he’ll just lose you once he offers a relationship. And why does he have this idea? Because he’s seen too many separations and divorces in his lifetime, and he’s afraid that he’ll become yet another number to these statistics.

There’s too much pressure on him.

Perhaps his friends have been pushing him to court you. And now that he’s making his moves, they might frequently be asking him about his progress. This can put too much strain on any man. Hence, he’ll feel nervous before making his every move.

So, what are the things to know before dating a shy guy?

  1. Those silent moments are not awkward but beautiful.
  2. If he’s quiet, please don’t misjudge it as ‘something is wrong.’ Silence is not passive aggressiveness when the guy is naturally shy.
  3. He will love texting more than calls, and you should not push him to speak his heart of calls and face-to-face. Let him flood you with love over texts.
  4. He is an observer, and he will end up discovering your inner-self better than anyone else. 
  5. Shy men are better in bed- epic and private.
  6. Maybe you don’t know it yet, but you are with him because you are somewhat shy too.

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