53% in India willing to switch jobs to avail remote work: Survey

(IANS) More than half of the office-goers in India are willing to switch jobs if it meant they could work remotely, said a new survey on Thursday.

There has been a heightened interest in online learning since Covid-19 with 83 per cent of survey participants from India saying they are more interested in online learning/training, according to the research by Cloud software firm Salesforce.

“Amid the global pandemic, companies have been leveraging technology to pivot their businesses at hyperspeed. This new all-digital world poses an opportunity for business leaders to rethink how they not only connect with their customers, but also their employees,” Dulles Krishnan, Area Vice President, Salesforce India, said in a statement.

“By shifting our priorities on our employees, ensuring safety and reskilling for the future, we have the opportunity to use technology to make the future of work a more inclusive and resilient environment.”

This report surveyed 20,000 people across ten countries, including 4,000 people from India, focused on gaining insights about the participants’ perceptions of the future of work from around the world.

Insights from the study revealed that remote work is a luxury not available for all and that working remotely will look different everywhere.

The pandemic has pushed companies to adapt to new realities that are radically transforming how they operate and serve both their employees and customers.

In fact, 79 per cent of the survey participants from India said technology should play a major role in workplace safety.

The survey showed that trust in business and government is significantly higher in India than the global population.

About 89 per cent of the survey participants from India said they trust businesses to create a better future.

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