5 Best Places to Explore in Scarborough


While exploring Scarborough today, it’s difficult to picture the busy ancient fishing village that thrived beneath its striking headland castle. Much of that history has been destroyed with the salt-sea air, its castle now a toothsome ruin, but what waits is the weekend-resort atmosphere that ran away with the city in the 18th century, capitalizing on Scarborough’s spa waters. These days, its two beautiful beaches are the main draw for loyal travelers.

Cliff-scaling tramways ferry guests down to the South Bay road, lined with fish-and-chip shops and arcades. There’s much to prescribe a visit to Scarborough – including a grand water park, renovated Victorian spa, an interesting geology museum, and Edwardian pleasure garden.

As discussed above, Scarborough is one of the most attractive holiday destinations in the North of England, famed for its incredible beach holidays and engaging local history, but what else is it that attracts so many people to this beautiful destination? This piece takes a look at a few of the beautiful things you can enjoy in Scarborough.

Visit Peasholm Park

Peasholm Park is an oriental themed park situated in the seaside town of Scarborough. It is one of the city’s primary parks, placed at the northern end of Scarborough’s North Bay. The square is well known for its attractive themes and picturesque lake, a lake where visitors often enjoy a peaceful afternoon renting a rowing boat. The park is also home to several events throughout the year, one of which is the memorable “Battle of Peasholm,” an event where model boats fight out on the lake in a fine specimen of naval warfare.

Visit Scarborough’s Marine Sanctuary and Sea Life Centre

The Sea Life Centre is another draw near Peasholm Park at the northern end of Scarborough’s North Bay. The center is renowned for its majestic underwater tunnel, where you can see sharks and other fishes swim. The Sealife center is also home to several fascinating interactive displays and informative activities, making it an excellent family day out. The latest addition to the center is one of its most interesting: the beautiful Australian Leafy Sea Dragons said to be one of the fittest camouflaged marine creatures in the natural world.

Enjoy a trip on the Miniature Railway.

The city’s miniature railway, also called the North Bay Railway, has been pulling in tourists since 1931. The railway has been operating for 8 decades, transporting passengers from Peasholm Park to Scalby Mills, and it’s an extraordinary way of experiencing some of the region’s remarkable coastal views. If you fancy a trip on the railway, you can locate the station just across the road from Peasholm Park’s central entrance.

Take a trip to Scarborough Castle.

Of all the draws in Scarborough, Scarborough Castle is one that you absolutely must see; a town trip isn’t whole without a visit. The castle is situated on the top of the cliff that separates the North Bay and the South Bay, and it’s one of the attractions that you can see from just about everywhere in the city. The ruins’ utter size and the stunning panoramic views from its surviving walls make this one of the most luxurious locations on the exciting Yorkshire coastline.

Explore Rotunda Museum

The Rotunda Museum is dedicated to northeast Yorkshire’s coastal geology, which has generated many of Britain’s most significant dinosaur fossils. The layers in the local cliffs were also crucial in revealing England’s geological history. Founded by William Smith, ‘the father of English geology’, who stayed in Scarborough in the 1820s, the museum has unique Georgian displays and a hands-on gallery for kids.

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