10 Polite Ways to Say Fuck You


There will always be people who will annoy you, it does not matter even if you are the most excellent person globally, and you will always come across some freaks. They have the uncanny ability to get you annoyed, and you will be forced to shout profanities to them at the top of your voice. But then, you will remember that you do not need to sound super rude.

You want to express yourself, but then again, you do not want to sound incredibly insulting. It can even lead to a filthy public fight, and you are not in the mood to make a mess of yourself. Your mind is screaming ‘fuck you’ to the person, but you tell yourself to restrain and say those nasty words in another way. This piece will tell you how you can still express your anger and disgust, but you do so with class, dignity, and elegance. 

1. ‘Interesting’

If someone has pissed you off so much but you do not want to lose your cool, just muster the energy to say ‘interesting’ with the highest level of sarcasm that you can have. You should also make sure you are looking at another place or focused on your phone when saying this. Let the person know he or she means nothing to you. 

2. ‘I Am Not Trying to Annoy You, But…’

Ensure that you do not even complete this sentence because the other party would have seen that you are not in a pleasant mood. 

3. ‘I Have Heard What You Said’

There are some moments when you will be so furious with an annoying character that you will even feel like landing a dirty slap on the person’s face, but then you remember that you need to restrain yourself. This often happens when there are arguments over some issues or a controversial topic but the other party does not want to be rational or logical at all. In such a case, just tell the person: I have heard what you said. Drop the words and leave. 

4. ‘Are You Paid to Be This Silly?’

Here is a question that sounds soft, polite, or even funny, but you can use it to stylishly tell the person to fuck off without making it sound so graphic. Just say these words with a soft but wicked smile on your face to anyone who has been thoroughly silly. Make sure that you do not even show any anger or become emotional when saying this. Be cool, calm, and collected as you drop those words like a bomb, say them, and walk away. 

5. ‘Whatever’

If there is a nice way to dismiss someone and do so with a tinge of sassiness, this is the word to use. It is a simple but very effective word for you. It started as a word that many teenagers preferred to use but now others have picked it up. 

It was initially used when someone speaking had nothing reasonable to say again. But there is a new meaning to it now, and that is to dismiss a nagging pest. 

6. ‘Tell That to the Birds’ 

You come across some other instances that are so ridiculous and unthinking that everyone will be shocked. There are some very gullible minds out there that cannot form any reasonable opinion on anything. When you meet such people and comment nonsense as usual, just utter: tell that to the birds. 

7. ‘Indeed’

Making use of single words is one of the most effective ways by which you can politely tell someone to fuck off and do so nicely. Wait until the person finishes saying all he or she has to say, then mutter: indeed. 

8. ‘Pleasure Yourself With a Cactus’

Anyone who knows what a cactus plant is, you will know that this is not a pleasant thing. You can make use of these words when you come across someone who has triggered your fury big time. Make sure you put Sir or Ma to the words to set the politeness effect. 

9. ‘Just Imagine What You Are Vomiting’ 

Those who interact with all kinds of people will realize that some practically vomit total crap. So when you are unlucky enough to come across these people just give them a sneer and say to their faces: just imagine what you are vomiting. 

10. ‘Be Gone’ 

Do not expend your energy on those who do not worth it at all. Once you are tired of them, just say: be gone. Please stand up and leave them stunned as you majestically walk away. Annoying people are not worth your time, energy, and efforts so do not waste your resources at all. 

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