10 DIY Thanksgiving Decorations


Thanksgiving is a time of the year that holds a lot of significance for many of us. It is not just a time for vibrant celebrations; it is also a holiday season to get very creative. Thanksgiving offers the opportunity to make some unique decorations. These decorations will outlast the holiday and give the family some dose of fond memories even when the celebrations are over.

The following are 10 DIY Thanksgiving decorations:

Paper Cone Wreath

Here is a design that is very easy to make, but also one that allows for the unleashing of creative energies. It is a form of structure that allows you to celebrate the season of appreciation with your family members and friends. You can also decide to write your messages of appreciation on the paper rolls that form the wreath.

Calendar of Gratitude

Since it is all about thanksgiving, it is good to do the celebration using an entire calendar. Get an empty frame and place strips of twine and clips on leaves that have been numbered to represent days of the month. You can also paint the leaves in a gold color to allow them to shimmer.

DIY Thanksgiving Cards

Here are some of the most exciting ways you can celebrate with your beloved ones. A card is ideal for this kind of celebration, and you are free to have all the messages you want on the cards. You can also embed other items like dried leaves, feathers, strings, marbles, colored bits, and many others to make the cards as memorable as possible.

Pumpkin Place-cards

These cards can be utilized as notes for letting your beloved ones know how very grateful you are to have them in your life. You are free to make designs in the place cards using a craft knife to cut patterns in the paper strip and the card itself. You can incorporate glue dots all over the pumpkin then put paint all over to add to the shine.

Thanksgiving Time Capsule

You can keep a tab on the blessings in your life by making use of a vibrant time capsule. Get a small glass container and place notes, small souvenirs, and other items inside the jar. Hold everything together using colorful ribbons. You can then put it as a display in the center of your room or space.

Maize Husk Wreath

Another colorful way by which you can celebrate this exciting moment is to add a dash of the warm colors and hues of autumn. You can get to do an array of crafts using maize husk. Some can make radial patterns with it, while some others will go for some other catchy shapes.


You can redesign your home by adding a turkey garland, and there is nothing more exciting than this. To pull this off, you will need items like gold construction paper, a craft knife, tracing paper, and coloring pens. Once you have all these items in place, you can release your creative forces as you like.

Resplendent Napkin Holders

Make your Thanksgiving ceremony memorable with outstanding napkin holders, which you can be very sure that your loved ones are going to find to be utterly enchanting too. They are not just your regular cloth napkin used for your meals. To get this done, you will need items like paper napkins, gold construction paper, and red felt.

Welcome Board for Autumn

You can use an old kitchen tray to form a welcome sign announcing the arrival of the season. Put some garland around the sign to make it more enchanting. You will be making use of chalk paint, a baking tray, and berry lei for your design.

Pumpkin Vase

Nothing can be more interesting than celebrating your thanksgiving with your children, and they will undoubtedly be excited with a pumpkin vase. Get hold of your children and join them in turning a pumpkin into a magnificent piece. Remove the seeds and replace them with your selected flowers, then put it on several planks.

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