Zaf Baker documents his unbelievable life on his Instagram

Zaf Baker with his brother, Adam Baker

If you haven’t heard of Zaf Baker, you’re truly living under a rock. Zaf Baker who resides in Dubai comes from a very high reputable family and is living in a totally different world from the rest. As you often see him share on his Instagram account. Zaf boasts one of the most exciting Instagram accounts that has featured on channels worldwide. A world full of private jet travels, exotic sport cars, designer clothes, famous celebrity friends and red carpet and sporting events and premiers around the world.

Zaf baker, an entrepreneur and real estate investor is often seen with some of the the worlds biggest athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, Leo Messi and Diego Maradona to some of the biggest actors and musicians in the world like Shahrukh Khan and Nick Jonas.

Enjoying dinner with Said Taghmaoui who is best known for his roles in Wonder woman and the Elder in John Wick.

Zaf who started his entrepreneurial journey with his brother, Adam Baker at the ages of 16 and 15 said that he was always different from those around him and never took any time off while the others around spent their time partying and getting drunk with their friends in their teenage years, he was not a part of any of this. Most importantly, Zaf was always very cautious about the company he kept even if it meant him losing friends. Zaf says that there is nothing more important than who you surround yourself with.

“If you want know one thing about me, it’s that I absolutely hate losing. No matter what it is, I don’t accept it. From something as little as a friendly game of sport, and if there is anyone in your circle who’s okay with it, they shouldn’t be there. For me, winning is everything and believe me, that’s the type of people you want to be around. That’s how I’ve grown up and it’s stuck with me.”

Zaf receiving a shirt from Real Madrid’s Luka Modric, the 2018 Balon D or winner.

“A small example when we were young, we used to play a lot of football around the world and there was always one individual in our team who, when we didn’t win, he’d say to us that it’s just a game and at least we enjoyed ourselves and I was like, we can’t have him in the team. We can not have that type of mentality with us. but I’m going to be honest with you, we hardly ever lost, we’re exceptionally hard to beat”

“Finding like minded people is a rarity, there’s not many of them around, you don’t find them from the beginning but when you have the ‘nothing is impossible’, winners mentality, you’ll always succeed and as you build and as you grow, you’ll come across like minded people.”

“I spend a lot of my time alone planning and strategizing, most people can not handle it but they don’t understand how important it is, they prefer to have others around, they’ll have the same company for 5 and 10 years even though they’re going nowhere with those people, they just crave human attention and interaction, they can not fathom it.”

One of the greatest athletes ever, Lionel Messi gifting Zaf Baker a very priceless piece in Barcelona.

Zaf Baker also owns one of the most exclusive Memoribilla collections in the world that was hand-signed and given to him from friends in different sports, leagues, and countries over the world, this includes items from Vasily Lomachenko, Lebron James, Cristiano Ronaldo, Sachin Tendulkar, and Leo Messi.

Well, as Zaf says:

“The journey to the top is lonely but the view is indeed spectacular”

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