Xiaomi patents foldable smartphone similar to Galaxy Fold

(IANS) Xiaomi has patented a new foldable smartphone that looks similar from the first-generation Samsung Galaxy Fold.

As seen in the patent documents, it is an inward-folding phone with a cover display.

Much like the Galaxy Fold, the display measures about 4.6-inch and has large bezels all around it, more so at the top and bottom.

According to LetsGoDigital, Xiaomi applied for it earlier this year on China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) and the patent was published on October 20.

Xiaomi is yet to launch a foldable smartphone. However, the company has had multiple designs patented over the last couple of years.

Earlier, the company also patented a new dual-display smartphone with quad rear cameras set-up.

According to the patent, the primary display is like any other phone with ultra-slim bezels and earpiece up top.

The secondary display on the new Xiaomi-patented phone is as small in size as the quad-camera housing on the back.

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