Xiaomi fixes tech glitch that affected Mi India weather app (Ld)

(IANS) As Xiaomi users posted on social media that the company’s smartphones were not displaying weather for Arunachal Pradesh, Mi India clarified on Sunday that the issue that was cropped up owing to a technical error in its app has been fixed.

In a statement given to IANS, a Mi India spokesperson said: “We would like to clarify that the weather app on our devices uses data from multiple third-party data sources and we understand that for many locations, the weather-related data is not available on the current app”.

“There was a technical issue in our weather app that we had identified. The same has been fixed, the spokesperson added.

Earlier, people went to Twitter discussing about the Mi weather app issue.

“What is this Xiaomi? I can’t find Arunachal Pradesh weather on miui weather app,” wrote a Twitter user showing a screenshot of weather results for Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh’s capital, showing no result.

“Xiaomi default weather app showing no result on searching Itanagar and other places of Arunachal Pradesh,” another user commented.

“This is a technical error on our application. That said, we are working on improving the app to get the best experience for our users. As always, we are committed to India and our users across the country to provide them with the best possible user experience,” the spokesperson said.

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