Why Following Your Passion is not enough to Become Successful?


Passion is much talked about today, be it in conferences or leadership courses. People harp on being passionate as the secret of success. Truth be said, there is nothing wrong with being passionate about your dream. However, what has been noticed over time is that many people are passionate but remain unsuccessful in their plans for success. 

This means that your passion is not sufficient enough if you want to be successful. This can sound strange to some people, but that is a fact, and this article will give more explanation on why passion alone is not enough. 

A close look at history will see so many people with great passion who recorded either failure or not enough success as per the usual standards. In the art world, we see Vincent Van Gogh as a perfect example. This Dutch painter holds the record as one of the most prolific painters in history, but he made almost nothing reasonable from the sale. It was long after he died that his paintings were sold for great fortunes. I understand that the metrics of success vary from person to person, and I am not passing judgements on anyone’s life. But I still feel, if Van Gogh had made a great amount of money from his sale and channelised his passion the right way, he wouldn’t have suffered from mental health disorders and may have even painted more, which would have been a delight for me – to see as much art as possible from one of the greatest artists in the world.

Is Passion Alone Enough?

Some wonder why their business is not growing even with relentless passion. Some managers are at a loss as to why their workers and subordinates are not passionate about their ventures. On the other hand are those who are fed up because they are not getting the success they wish for even after pouring all the passionate energy they have. In all these people, there is a common thread: they all have the wrong perspective of what passion is. 

Please think of the individual who got fed up because they could not record the desired success even after putting in a lot of effort and passion. Not all hope is lost as some steps can be taken to address this matter. There is nothing wrong with having dreams and passions of your own, but your end goal should be a success and nothing else. The first thing you need to start doing is to begin to pay attention to the comments that people leave concerning your visions. 

You should also assess yourself to know if you get swayed too easily by public opinion. Once you have sorted that, the next thing you should prepare is a plan of action. It has been shown repeatedly that goals or aims that you write down on paper are the ones that you are most likely going to achieve. 

Goal-Oriented Passion

Anyone can have a passion, but not everyone can have a passion that is backed by goals. An emphasis on its own is almost worthless. You will need to build upon that passion before it can become anything reasonable. Passion itself needs to be followed by concentration and a concrete plan that will allow you to realize what you have been missing and where you also need to make the necessary adjustments. With your plan, it must be one that covers all the aspects of the dream you have in mind. 

Your progress is dependent on your plan, so it will be nice if you can devote some time to drawing an excellent one. A good plan is like a road map for you, and it is what will guide you every step of the way. With a plan, you are going to have a very clear vision of exactly what you are doing. Even more important is the fact that you are going to be able to keep track of what is going on. 

Passion Is Not Everything

This is not what many will want to hear, but it is real for those interested in success. The truth here is that there are some instances where your passion will not be relevant. There are some other conditions in which you may even have to drop your passion aside and face reality. 

Motivational speakers are all over today but what they peddle in most cases is unrealistic. You have to be in tune with reality and what that means is that sometimes, you will need to drop the cloak of passion. You must remain proactive if you are to achieve the goals you have set out for yourself, and anything less than that will not give you the desired results. 

Multiple Factors influence success.

To succeed in any endeavour in life, you need to know that several factors will be relevant. Passion is just one of these ‘ingredients,’ and that is precisely why it cannot launch you to success solely on its own. Other factors include resilience, determination, focus, discipline, optimism, and many more. What will get you the success that you dream of at the end of the day is an effective combination of these factors. 

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