Why do my eyes hurt when looking at a computer screen?


Out of 100 other problems prompting to limit screen use, eye problems are the most severe ones. The more hours you spend sitting at a computer or smartphone means the less you participate in physical activity. Which causes health problems like obesity. Also, using the screen at night can stimulate the brain that causes uneven sleeping patterns. 

There are many other problems associated with extended hours of screen use including physical and psychological ones. One of the most common that needs recognition for immediate action is called computer vision syndrome. It is an umbrella term for various eye-related problems as a result of looking too long at a computer or smartphone’s screen. 

It’s prevalent among all age groups since almost most are compulsive users of smartphones and computers. That makes it more concerning for others who rely on screen for work and is a part of the lifestyle. Fortunately, effective solutions are available to tackle these adversities, from blue light cheap glasses online to making screen adjustment, find out how you can prevent such eye problems. 

What causes Computer vision syndrome?

The obvious reason for computer vision syndrome is excessive use of the screen for long hours. That gives birth to various problems. One of the most common is dry eyes caused by lack of blinking. Looking at the screen, you place most of your focus and get so involved that you forget to blink. The blink rate decreases from 15 times to five or eight times per minute. 

Less blinking causes a breakout of the tear film on the eyes – the thin layer of liquid present on the surface to protect from foreign particles. So you must blink enough to reestablish the tear film and prevent your eyes from drying out, causing blurry vision and discomfort. 

Another major problem caused by screen use for too long is severe eye strain and headache. The glare and blue light emitted from the electronic screen are the leading source of it. You can also experience eye strain if you focus up close on the screen without using the right prescription glasses. If you need to focus up close on screen, it’ll be helpful if you get reading glasses to escape the wrath of screen aftermaths like headache, redness, itchiness and eye-strain.

 According to researchers, eyestrain is also caused by difficulty in focusing on the text or images on the screen. Putting a lot of focus on the screen can exhaust your eye’s ability to concentrate hence reading glasses would be ideal while using the screen. 

The Solution

Luckily, eye strain and other computer vision syndrome are easily treated by using protective glasses and other methods. One of the most effective solutions is blue light glasses – a protective coating available on non-prescription & prescription glasses. These glasses work by blocking the incoming blue light rays from penetrating the eyes. That helps in restoring our eye health by getting rid of major screen-related issues like eye-strain, dry-eyes, headache, etc. The glasses are also effective in returning quality hours of sleep even when you use the screen at night. 

By disabling the damaging blue light, your brain restarts to produce the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin and you get your normal sleeping back to natural. All you need is a pair of glasses for when you’re on smartphone or laptop at night or day to comfortably use digital devices without any vision-threat or discomfort. Blue light glasses are also fashionably famous for their unique, bold or subtle and minimal style depending on your choice in men’s and women’s glasses. 

The next useful tip is using artificial tears frequently throughout the day. The artificial tears help with curing dry-eyes and offer eye relaxation. Another tip: blink as much as possible when you are on the screen. 

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