Why Business Include Custom Banners and Signs in Marketing Campaigns

In an age when digital advertising grabs so much attention, successful businesses still include printed materials and custom signs in marketing campaigns. Organizations often order custom advertising materials from specialists who offer a range of products that are available in an array of materials, sizes, and styles. Vendors create unique products for temporary and long-term use. They also offer design and installation services.

Signs and Banners Offer Unique Benefits

It is easy to believe that people make most purchasing decisions because of online and television advertising, but research indicates otherwise. When retail giant Best Buy researched consumer buying patterns, they discovered that 17% of customers who never intended to shop at the store stopped in when they saw its sign. With this trend in mind, local businesses often build advertising campaigns around custom signage provided by vendors like Austin Signs and Printing.

Experienced print specialists create unique products that are:

  • Affordable: A strategically placed sign can drive enormous amounts to traffic to businesses, yet experts can create outdoor signs for as little as $100. The final cost for printers to set up banners or signs depends on the size, materials, and client preferences. Signage is an attractive and economical way to brand companies and boost profits. According to Business Partner Magazine, “…both small and enterprising businesses benefit from using signs as a marketing tool.”
  • Versatile: Printers offer a variety of advertising products, but banners and signs are some of the most commonly requested and effective. That is because they can be adapted for nearly any use. They are not permanent, are easily moved, and the same products can be reused many times for various purposes.
  • Available in a Range of Sizes: Clients can order signage of all types in the precise size they need for their projects. Printing companies now offer extra-wide printing they use to create enormous, eye-catching banners. Businesses can place signs anywhere they are legal, and banners are easy to hang. For example, some companies hang enormous banners between trees, so they wave in the wind, making them hard to miss.
  • Visible: Vendors can make attention-grabbing banners and signs that feature customers’ messages in bright colors and bold letters. Carefully placed, targeted signs grab attention and increase traffic and profits.

Printers Create a Range of Products

Another benefit of custom print media is the number of available choices. Print experts specialize in indoor and outdoor signage that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Vinyl, mesh, fabric, heavyweight, backlit, and giant billboard banners
  • Step-and-repeat backdrops that are ideal for photo ops at media events
  • Stands and displays that form stunning walls suited to conventions, exhibits and industry events
  • Waterproof, stain-resistant coroplast custom signs that can be used indoors or outside
  • Custom signs in virtually any size or shape, made from foam board, PVC, styrene, aluminum, Dibond, or poster paper
  • Vinyl wall wraps that change the ambiance in rooms
  • Vinyl wall decals that can include any messages, images, or quotes clients request

Professionals Offer Design Services

A full-service banner and sign company includes design experts who understand the psychology behind creating compelling signage. Their services range from basic assistance to complete creative packages. Experts writing for Entrepreneur Magazine say that sign design often has a major influence on a business’s ability to draw new customers.

With that in mind, professional print company design crew’s help clients choose compelling colors that set them apart from competitors and often help brand them. Think of “Coke red” and “McDonald’s Yellow.” Research shows that 80% of trademark recognition is associated with color. Designers also ensure that signage includes the contrasts needed for readability. Easy to read signs feature graphics or text against a background color. When creating banners and signs, professionals make sure letters are big enough to see at a distance.

Artisans offer design services to suit clients’ needs. For example, some businesses need a logo and a few words for their designs. In these cases, experts can usually create what customers need in about 30 minutes, during which they create print-ready artwork. When clients need custom work, designers can often produce solutions in about an hour. The process includes initial design, a single major revision, and a minor revision.

Designers at a print company also help firms graphically brand their businesses. Clients can bring their ideas to design teams, who will bring them to life. They have years of experience producing unique logos, monograms, and icons. Creative professionals work with any idea customers present to them.

Installation Technicians Ensure Polished Results

Custom signage must be installed correctly to get maximum benefits. That is why clients often hire sign creators to install products. Experts provide site surveys that allow them to measure precisely before installers begin work. That guarantees polished results.

Technicians can hang banners anywhere client’s request, at any height. They are event production specialists who will position all types of step-and-repeat backdrops, floor graphics, and any other products used for event marketing. Teams work like well-trained armies to position products before events, and they remove them afterward.

Some teams specialize in wall wraps and mural installation. Crews of professionals scale the work to clients’ needs and can wrap walls or add murals to virtually any type of wall or building. Creative teams cut out lettering from various materials and use letters to create everything from design pieces to signage. They are experts at installing adhesives to walls, floors, windows, or any area customers require.

Sign Printing Experts Are Business Friendly

Companies that create commercial signage are B2B specialists who understand their clients’ needs. As a result, teams respect deadlines and customers’ quality requirements. Print experts understand file standards and setup and can provide any materials clients request. They are dedicated to finding creative solutions to every problem. Physical signage is critically important to business success.

Even in the digital age, companies work with B2B print specialists who create a range of signs and banners. Print companies offer a variety of products and will customize them to suit clients’ needs. They also provide design services that allow customers to brand their businesses.

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