What to Ask to Ensure the Right Fencing Company Is Hired

Finding a quality and qualified fencing company can be challenging. Figuring out the right type of fence for a home or property and selecting a suitable material or fencing style is challenging. Therefore, a homeowner needs to know how to hire a quality fencing company they can trust and that will get the job done based on the property owner’s budget and needs.

Before choosing a fence company, it is a good idea to ask the right questions. A quality service provider, like Illinois Fence Company, will provide high-quality services for affordable prices. Learn more about the questions that should be asked here.

How Long Has the Company Operated Under the Current Name?

When hiring a fence contractor, it is important to find out about the contractor’s history. The first step is to search online. Be sure to search for the company name and owner’s name. Look for employees, too.

During this research, look for anything undesirable or suspicious. If something is found, the company should be marked off the list of potential options. The next step is to consider the reviews for the businesses left on the list. There is an array of third-party review sites where this information can be found. It is best to find a fence contractor with a mostly positive track record and a traceable professional history of at least five years.

Where Is the Company Located, and Do They Have a Physical Office Location?

Does the fence contractor being considered have a physical office nearby? Having a storefront is a good sign of the business’s focus and size. It is a good idea to find a company that is not too small or too large and can provide service for both residential and commercial needs.

Take time to find out how supportive and competent the staff is, too. Employees of an established and qualified company should be able to easily answer questions with a sense of professional authority. They should also address a potential client’s questions and needs without using industry jargon that is hard to understand.

While smaller businesses may provide higher levels of personalized service, bigger ones usually have the ability to scale and, as a result, be able to offer clients a lower price. It is a good idea for an individual to consider their own interests and needs to find the right company or contractor for the job.

Is the Company Licensed to Operate in the State?

Making payments to a company, rather than an individual, will typically provide some peace of mind that the business is “on the books” somewhere. This means the customer will be protected if a dispute arises or if they are charged twice for something.

However, for contractors who require payments to their person, several issues may arise. For example, if the contractor has a business license, but they request an individual check, they may fail to report the income on their taxes. This is not the sign of an honest or reliable company.

Letting someone who is not licensed to handle the installation or repair of a fence on a residential or commercial property can lead to several issues. It also puts the property owner at risk. Not only will the property owner be responsible for subpar work, but they may also be liable for injuries to workers or other damages to the property.

A huge red flag is if the fence contractor asks for payments in cash. Unscrupulous or questionable contractors usually request this because cash is untraceable. Credit cards and checks are usually the safest options for consumers. It is a good idea to conduct a license check before hiring any contractor.

Is the Company Insured?

Be sure the contractor hired has general liability insurance coverage and workman’s compensation insurance coverage. The general liability coverage will protect the property owner from any damage resulting from any actions of the contractor or the employees. The insurance company should cover the costs of any damage that may occur during their work.

Worker’s compensation insurance protects a property owner from liability if a worker happens to be injured while working on the property. It is not enough for the contractor to state they have this coverage. The property owner should request to see documentation of the insurance. Make sure the policies are up-to-date, and make copies before signing any contract or allowing work to be done.

Is There Pending Legal Action Against the Contractor or Company?

It’s always important to check the history of the fencing contractor or company. Doing so is necessary to discover past or current problems. Be sure to conduct a thorough background check to verify there is no pending legal action against the company or contractor. What happens if the legal action causes the company to go bankrupt or discontinue the construction of the fence prematurely? If this happens, a home or property owner will either have to complete the job on their own or start over with a new company.

Will the Company Acquire the Right Permits?

Permits are often needed to install a fence on any property. It is a good idea to find out what permits are needed for the job being done. It is best to find a company that will handle this process, as it will ensure the property owner does not have to handle the job on their own.

Finding the Right Fencing Contractor

When hiring a fencing contractor, there are several things that must be considered. Take some time to answer the questions here to help ensure the right company or contractor is found. Being informed, knowing what to ask, and ensuring the right contractor is found will help ensure the fence installed meets the needs of the property and the property owner. Do not rush into this decision. Take time to ask the right questions and find the right contractor for the job. Being informed is the best way to help ensure the desired results are achieved.

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