What are the Possible Changes in Laws That Can Make Hollywood a Safer Place for Homosexuals?

Across the globe, the topic of homosexuality is a very controversial issue. From countries like theocracies that have death sentences handed out for homosexuality to liberal governments like the United States that allow homosexuality to thrive, the issue is a very divisive one.

Hollywood in California has been able to carve an image for itself as a community where homosexuals can thrive. Los Angeles has established itself as the capital or base of the struggle for the homosexual community, civil rights, and visibility. 

Many members of the LGBT community, especially in Los Angeles, are very prominent in the entertainment industry which is none other than Hollywood. Vital historical figures and organizations that champion LGBT rights all came from California and Hollywood in particular. 

However, it is interesting to note that not even Hollywood can be considered to be the safest place for homosexuals. There is still widespread discrimination and a series of other disturbing challenges like attacks against members of the LGBT community in what is supposed to be one of the most liberal societies on the planet. 

Even though more people are coming out of the closet and movies are showing more positive depictions of the gay community, a closer look will reveal something else. The shocking truth is that Hollywood is not as gay-friendly as many would imagine. There are several reports for instance, of gay actors, not finding roles after they shared their sexual orientation. There is also a troubling observation that no A-list actor in Hollywood has come out of the closet. 

A major issue that is bothering many in the gay community in Hollywood is the steady rise in attacks against members of the LGBT community. In August 2020, there was a violent attack on transgender women on the iconic Hollywood Boulevard. Attacks like this against members of the LGBT community are not rare. However, changes in legislation can assist in ensuring that Hollywood remains a much safer haven for the LGBT community. 

Of the changes in the law that have been proposed, the following stand out and if they can be applied, they are going to go a long way in increasing the level of safety for gays in the world’s biggest entertainment hub.

Increased Funding for Police

Whenever a transgender or any other member of the LGBT community is attacked, the police are often the first responder to the scene. If the police are well-equipped and given all the resources that it needs, they will be in a better position to handle the threats aimed at LGBT members. 

Weaker police implies greater levels of threats against the vulnerable LGBT members and well-funded police are in a better position to tackle attacks. The present set of laws has to be amended to reflect this. If there is no amendment, then there can be no remarkable change at the end of it all. 

Increased Rights Protection

New laws that will make it exceedingly easy for bodies and organizations interested in the protection of rights of the LGBT community members should be promulgated. This will go a long way in increasing the ring of defense around this vibrant but vulnerable community. 

Increased Education

The foundation of most of the attacks against LGBT is based on ignorance and lack of proper education. New laws modifying the curriculum are very important. These will ensure that people are properly educated regarding LGBT people. If more people are well educated concerning these issues, Hollywood is going to be a much safer place for them. 

Promotion of Labor Rights

The current laws have to be amended in a way that people of the LGBT community will not be discriminated against when it comes to employment opportunities. These laws should focus on the total eradication of discrimination in the workplace.

Current legislations are covering this but they are not sufficient enough so they have to be amended. Once the LGBT members are employed properly, they will be in an even better position to also defend themselves when attacked. 

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