Uses, Conversion, And Comparison Of A PDF File


A PDF file is a highly used file format in the documentation. When someone requires adequate protection to keep files safe from an unauthorized person, they can go for making the document in a PDF file format. But sometimes it becomes necessary to make some changes in the PDF file too. For that purpose, you can go for a solution that can convert PDF to Word and make the necessary changes.

Uses of a PDF file

How often does a person use PDF files in his life time? Being an employee, you may require to send your data in a PDF file; being a boss, you may direct your employees about the task using the PDF file, or you may also like to store your business past years balance sheets and accounts in a PDF file. PDF files are famous for their use because they can not be edited and are fixed. The most important uses of a PDF file format are:-

  • For sharing important files:- To transfer the essential contracts, PDF is highly in use. Imagine hiring an employee and offering them a salary in a contract, isn’t their a problem that your employee can hamper the agreement’s data? What if he changes the salary from 35k to 45k? Will you be paying them more salary? To save oneself from such an issue, you are advised to send the file in PDF format only. By using PDF format as the file format, you also get an excess to the lock with a password option. Where if you are sending any personal data to anyone, you can make it password protected and give the password to the other receiver. This will keep your personal data protected, and no one other than the person you want will be able to access that file.
  • Preserving documents:- Is your CV format cool enough that it impresses your boss? Or are you a restaurant owner and like your menu layout? You can save the file in a PDF format where you will have no risk to your fonts and layouts, and your data will remain protected and preserved in the same format. When your styling and layouts are your top priority, always keep your data stored in a PDF file format.
  • Digital portfolio:- We always like to keep our certificates and data in a single place; this is called maintaining a portfolio. By using a PDF file format, you can keep all your data under one file that can be texts, photos, certificates, hyperlinks, or any other thing. A PDF format supports every type of content you want to enter in it from images to texts and also GIFs; it can integrate each and every sort of data into a single file.

Comparison of PDF with others

PDF is not the only extension or file format that is available for a user. A user may also get many options to save their file into the computer system. Let us compare some of the extensions with PDF:-


PDF files, as explained, can be intact, and no changes can be made into the document. This being an advantage is also a drawback of using a PDF format. When compared to a DOCX, PDF file is only readable, whereas documents can be created and saved through Word, and the documents can also be rewritten in this format. So the DOCX provides us with creating and rewriting the data in it. PDF is ideal for distributing the document, and DOCX is suitable for making it. If you want to edit something in PDF, then you can Convert PDF to Word.

  • PDF vs. JPG

JPG format is the most famous extension that is used in saving of an Image. You can compress the files in a jpg format but will not be able to get it back in its original form. You can’t save a PDF file in a jpg, but you can save a jpg file in a PDF format.

  • PDF vs. GIF

GIF is a format to save the short moving images. You can not write or edit a GIF file. You can easily attach a GIF file in a PDF file format.

  • PDF vs. PPT

PPT extension is used for creating Powerpoint Presentations, which are used in office works to present the files in the meeting. You can also add the PPT in a PDF file format.

It is clear from the above comparison that you can use all of these file data in a PDF format.

How to convert a PDF file

Keeping a PDF file is good to keep your data protected, but it is not easy to make changes in a PDF file. To make changes in your PDF format, you need to convert PDF to Word, and then you can make the desired changes you want too.

The conversion of PDF files is not that tough and is an approachable task to do. You can simply convert your PDF file into any other format using the internet. Here is the process you can follow:-

  • Search for various options that are available to convert PDF to Word.
  • Select the most trustable and reliable source from the list that comes in front of you. Keep in mind that you are going to provide your personal data to the site.
  • Upload your PDF file to the website, and search for the export button.
  • Click on export choose the extension you want to save your data in.
  • Your file will be changed into the desired format, and you are required to save it.
  • After you have got the converted file on your computer system, you can make the desired changes in the text, and reconvert it into PDF file format.

Finally, we can say that using PDF file format is a safer and much more protected way of sharing your files with one another, but you require to convert PDF to Word for making any changes in the document.  

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