UP Govt changes school syllabus to teach boys to respect women

With the aim to teach boys in Uttar Pradesh that they should respect a woman, the Yogi Adityanath government has gone in for a paradigm shift in the syllabus for basic and secondary education.

The plan is being implemented under ‘Mission Shakti’ which is aimed to give more importance and empower the ‘half-population’. The state government is moving towards making women self-reliant, confident, and ensuring their safety and respect.

In the first phase of the campaign till October 25, the higher education department has created awareness among 5,57,883 students in 6,349 colleges through webinar, awareness programmes and competitions.

A micro plan is being prepared for the second phase of the campaign under which a dedicated portal will be launched and information about the programmes being run by all the departments will be uploaded on it. The portal will provide all the necessary information and schemes being run for women and girls.

Moreover, the maximum participation of women in public welfare schemes will be ensured. Imparting skill development training for increasing employment opportunities will also be emphasised.

The decision to include women empowerment in the curriculum of Basic Education and Secondary Education has been hailed by parents.

Social worker Varsha Verma said that this is an important decision of the Yogi government which will change the thinking of boys. In the culture of India where Goddess ‘Shakti’ is worshipped, there will be real respect for girls. With this decision, the seeds of moral values will be sown in the students. The syllabus will inform about the life of great women personalities of India, success stories, gender equality and security-related issues.


Under Mission Shakti, awareness programmes were organised in various colleges of Uttar Pradesh for nine days. The programmes were organised in 6,349 colleges in which 5,57,383 girls and boys, and 1,46,177 teachers took an oath to ensure women’s safety and respect.

Meanwhile, 4,46,355 female students from 3,007 colleges were given training in martial arts through both online and offline workshops.

Apart from this, 2,57,407 girls participated in Essay, Poster, Slogan and Quiz competitions. 2,42,036 girl students and 14,364 teachers from 2,731 colleges participated in physical health enhancement and nutrition awareness programmes. In a webinar related to gender equality, domestic violence protection, POCSO Act, women’s helpline, 1,783 experts in 2,986 colleges informed 3,13,996 students about these issues.

Anshumali Sharma, Special Officer and State Liaison Officer, NSS, Department of Higher Education, said that under Mission Shakti, programmes were organized by the Higher Education Department on issues related to gender equality, protection from domestic violence, POCSO and women helpline in various colleges.

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