Travel Guide to Bahrain

In Arabic, the word Bahrain means ‘two seas’, a perfect name for the archipelago nation made up of 91 islands, 40 of which are natural and others are artificial. The Kingdom of Bahrain is located in the Persian Gulf and the biggest island shares the same name with the country. 

Bahrain is a modern, prosperous, and tolerant nation with a lot of tourist sites. The country is full of spectacular islands, endless beaches, art museums, ancient sites, and so on. 

How to Reach Bahrain

Bahrain is very popular with tourists, and the government has put in many things in place to make it easy for visitors from different parts of the world. Tourists flying in can land at the Bahrain International Airport, and it is located on Muharraq Island. It is also the primary international airport in the country. Tourists who intend to arrive in Bahrain by water can do so by using the Mina Salman Seaport with its 15 berths. 

Top Attractions in Bahrain

Bahrain may be a small nation in the Persian Gulf, but it is significant when it comes to tourism. The following are the most famous places for tourists in Bahrain: 

  • Bahrain Grand Prix: It is a Formula One Championship race in the country, and it is one of the most celebrated events in all of the Middle East. This is the first F1 Grand Prix in the region, and many tourists specifically go to Bahrain for it. 
  • Al Qudaibiya Palace: This is a historical palace in Manama, the capital of the country. The castle itself has an exterior of light pink and a stunning dome in an onion shape. Some of the most interesting historical events in the country took place here. 
  • Dilmun Burial Mounds: This UNESCO World Heritage Site has necropolis regions that date back to centuries ago when the Umm al-Nar and Dilmun civilizations flourished. 
  • Tree of Life: This tree is believed to be more than 400 years old, and it stands there in the middle of the Arabian Desert. Another name for the Tree of Life is Shajarat al-Hayat, and many tourists cannot resist its allure. 
  • King Fahd Causeway: This is one of Bahrain’s most iconic features, and it is a set of causeways and bridges that link the country with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is an impressive feat of architecture, and some tourists decide to enter Saudi Arabia using the causeway named after a King of Saudi Arabia. 
  • Barbar Temple: It is an impressive archaeological site found in the Barbar Village, and it is a component of the Dilmun civilization that dominated what is now Bahrain. 
  • Khamis Mosque: This is an old mosque, and it is believed to be the first mosque to be built in the country. It was constructed during the time of Caliph Umar of the Umayyad dynasty. The structure is still intact even after centuries of continuous use. 
  • Bahrain National Museum: This tourist attraction site is the oldest and the most prominent public museum in the country. It is located in Manama’s capital city, just opposite the National Theater of Bahrain, another central hub of tourism. The Bahrain National Museum, opened in 1988, is considered the most popular tourist attraction in Bahrain. It contains some of the largest collections of Dilmun artifacts in the world and covers more than 5,000 years of Bahraini history. 

What to Eat in Bahrain

Bahrain is a country of foods that burst with soul-lifting flavors and unbeatable aromas. There is a staggering array of food choices to select from, but here are some of the most recommended: 

  • Machboos: It is a mixed rice dish made from rice, dates, cashew nuts, chicken, beef and lots of exotic spices. Tourists say a spoon of machboos tastes like heaven, so you should try it out.
  • Biryani: Here is a mixed rice meal that originated from India. It is made using chicken, oil, and lots of tasty spices. There are stalls and restaurants all over the country selling high-quality biryani at the most pocket-friendly prices. 
  • Khabeesa: It is more of a snack as it is a local sweet dish made using oil, flour, and sugar. 
  • Maglooba: It is a regional dish made using rice, beef, chicken, fried vegetables, and numerous spices. 

Don’t Forget to Try

  • Visit the Bahrain Pearling Trail in the northern waters of the country.
  • Tour the iconic Hall of Dilmun Graves at the Bahrain National Museum.  
  • Attend a Formula One racing event if possible. 
  • Buy souvenirs and some pure gold in the Manama Souq
  • Check out the architectural wonder called the Bahrain World Trade Center. 
  • Do bird watching on the Hawar Islands. 
  • Go for scuba diving in the clear waters. 

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