Top Five Habits that Harm the Heart

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of many deaths across the globe. Nearly 17.9 million people die of CVD, as stated by the World Health Organization. And approximately 80% (of the aforementioned figure) people die of heart diseases.

Our heart is a fragile organ, which works day and night to make our survival smooth and easy. It would help if you never took it for granted. There are certain habits prevalent in our society, by dint of which the heart weakens.

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The top five problems that could wreck your heart are:

  • 1. Smoking
  • 2. Poor diet
  • 3. Being indolent
  • 4. Ignoring chest pain
  • 5. Stress 

1. Smoking

When you smoke a cigarette, you inhale almost 5000 different chemicals into your beloved body. This also contains carbon-monoxide and nicotine. Wreck your heart by smoking and, in return, get blood clotting, irregular heart rhythms, thickening and narrowing of blood vessels, hardening of arterial walls, and high cholesterol levels.

The aforesaid problems can increase the risk of Angina, heart attack, stroke, aneurysm, blockage of arteries of legs, and sudden death caused by abnormal rhythm of the heartbeat and many other reasons.   

Vaping is a modern form of smoking, which was initially designed for people to quit smoking. Because it exposes your lungs to toxic substances, the e-cigarette has nicotine in it that causes a rise in adrenaline, which eventually increases heart rate and can cause a heart attack. The best method to save your heart is to quit.  

2. Poor diet

A low diet can wreck your heart like nothing else. A body organ has to work harder than usual if we consume a meal having more fats, sugar, and salts. These kinds of meals increase the risk of heart attack to four folds in the first two hours after having your food.

If you consume fat-sugar-rich diets frequently, it will increase your weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol, leading to very deadly consequences. A low diet does not only mean eating in excess amounts, but it also means not eating enough.

If you do not eat enough (daily needs of the body), your body weakens, leading to cardiovascular diseases. Remove your bad eating habits. Include fruits (for good sugar), vegetables, fish, whole grains (instead of refined ones) in your diet to fulfill your exact body needs.  

3. Being indolent

Being slothful that is doing nothing may sound good for a while, but it has very bad effects on your heart health. You may be inactive due to your job or your daily routine; the reason could be any. Still, it increases your fat and decreases the body’s muscle mass, which ultimately increases the cholesterol level and risks your heart.

A person needs to do a little bit of exercise daily. Exercise does not mean any formal, specially designed exercises, even walking a few thousand steps would help you keep your health checked. According to experts, 10,000 steps a day should be the goal to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

4. Ignoring chest pain

We work for our hearts and still choose to ignore it. If you feel pain or any stress in your heart one day or another, you still choose to ignore it. You are going to wreck your heart too soon. If your chest feels strained and you do not know about it, visit your doctor because there are red flags that you should not ignore.   

A sign of heart attack could be any that is chest pain, discomfort in the back and shoulders, too high or low blood pressure, shortness of breath, or unexplained tiredness in the body. Regardless of what you feel, seek medical attention, and protect yourself from any unforeseen circumstances.

5. Stress

In this mechanic era, it is easy for anyone to fall into anxiety or depression. We stress too much about many things around us, be it our family, job, or business. Continuous stress leads to anxiety, and sooner or later, you fall into depression. In this process, you wreck your heart.

Stressing out for a few minutes is natural, but keeping yourself in continuous despair is a choice. And this choice makes your heart feeble and more prone to heart diseases. So, whenever you are stressed out, take a break. Do some exercise, listen to good music, or practice yoga and let the stress clouds pass over.  


Some aspects make you more prone to heart diseases that you cannot change. Older adults are at higher risk of heart diseases, just like an individual having heart disease in his genes. Males are more susceptible to heart diseases than women. 

A hormone named estrogen helps women keep heart disease at bay but makes them more vulnerable to diabetes. Besides all the factors supporting a healthy lifestyle is the key to a healthy heart.

If you are trying not to wreck your heart, maintain a healthy lifestyle, firstly keep yourself motivated. Stop stressing over issues; save your anxiety cornered, which leads you to be sluggish and inactive. Have a nutritious diet, exercise daily, keep your blood pressure, and cholesterols in control. Change your daily routine, and you will see its magical effects on your life. 

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