Tips to Follow If You Are Getting Married During Pandemic


The wedding day is one of the most critical days in our lives, and there are self-explanatory reasons for this. A lot of planning has to go into everything for the big day to come out flawlessly. After all, that is the ultimate dream of so many people. 

If the special day falls right in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, you may become confused about how to plan and prepare for the wedding. Some lovers may even be so worried and anxious about their special day that they start having doubts. 

At the moment, if you want to get married, there are numerous factors linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, and you have to consider everything. This is even more important because the whole situation is dynamic presently. 

From the wedding venue to the number of wedding guests to the amount of travel needed to adhere to health protocol, everything has to be taken into consideration when planning in this challenging period. 

Below are useful tips for lovers and couples who want to tie the nuptial knots in the most memorable way possible in a viral pandemic: 

Outline Your Priorities

This is probably the most crucial step of all. At a time like this, there is no room for frivolities. You need to quickly and efficiently sort out issues like dates of the wedding (and if there will be postponements or not), venue, and the number of guests. It would help if you also mapped out how all the guests will follow strict health protocols. All the vendors that will be providing services on your special day must also be adequately communicated to ensure that they will meet all their obligations. 

Anything that is not important should be removed from the plan immediately. Identify and arrange the priorities as this will go a long way in making the event a successful one. 

Discuss with Your Partner 

Since you are not going to get married to yourself, you must discuss everything with your soulmate. You two should consider what will be the most crucial. Ask yourselves if you need 50 or 100 guests or if a live music band will be needed or not. 

Discuss as frequently as possible, and this will ensure that both of you are on the same page. If the two of you immediately see eye to eye on everything there will be no surprises or issues that can jeopardize the ceremony. 

Think of Your Guests

Yes, the ceremony is about the two of you but you should not be so selfish that you forget about your guests. It would be best if you remembered that the guests who will be gracing your ceremony would be doing so in an unusual time and under difficult circumstances because this is a pandemic. Some of them will have to travel from long distances, while others will have to go through complicated processes just to honor the couple. 

In all that you do while making the preparations, always put your guests into consideration. From the venue’s selection to refreshments to the kind of welcome gifts you are going to package for them, let your guests be a priority. A way to make it easy for everyone is to keep the guests in the loop by communicating with them from time to time. 

Hiring a Planner is Not a Bad Idea

If you feel it is too overwhelming for you to handle everything all by yourself, it will be nice if you can make use of a wedding planner’s services. Since they are professionals, wedding planners will go a long way in helping you ensure that things are in place entirely.

However, if you choose to go to a wedding planner, you should make sure that you will get the very best. Check out the reviews and feedbacks left by other people before you get a wedding planner. This is important because hiring the wrong wedding planner will only create more problems for you – and you will not want that. 


Even though this is a very challenging period because of the coronavirus pandemic, you can still go-ahead to plan and have your wedding in the most spectacular ways possible. This article has outlined some solid points and useful tips that will help couples planning to tie the nuptial knots with their soul mates. 

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