Tips for Picking a Website Color Scheme

An overwhelming fraction of those who purchase things online do so based on color. This stat will surprise or even shock many people, but that is how important color can be even in cyberspace. This should not come as a surprise though, because humans are driven by vision. We are either fascinated or repelled by what we see, and that explains why visual stimuli are equally vital for online businesses. 

Many of the most successful brands know this, and it shows in their brand identity designs. If you pause for a minute and imagine a number of the top global brands, a splash of colors will appear in your mind. Coca Cola is a bright red, McDonald’s is an enticing blend of yellow and red, Pepsi is a dazzling mix of white, blue, and red, and DHL screams at you with its bright yellow and red combination. You cannot forget Dell with its confident dash of blue. 

As you can see, color is very crucial when it comes to brand identity. For your brand to work, it has to make the buyers feel safe and project your brand as reliable and trustworthy. This way, customers themselves will be the primary ambassadors of your brand. This is precisely why brands pay a lot of attention to their logos. There is a direct correlation between the choice of color and brand value. 

Website Color Scheme

It is of utmost importance that you choose the perfect color for your brand logo that goes with your website. It is of immense importance that you make use of the most appropriate color design for your website. 

Avoid going with any random color scheme. You have to give it a lot of thought and select what your customers will fall in love with. You must be able to realize the fact that what is agreeable to you may be annoying to those visiting your website. You will want the layout to look trendy and nice but remember you are designing for your customers. 

Some may ask why this is even relevant at all. This is because research has shown that people judge at the subconscious level in just one and a half minutes of the first view. Up to 90% of those studied made their assessment of purchase using just color. 

This implies that if you can get the color scheme right, which will appeal greatly to your target audience, you have solved a massive chunk of the problem. The following are useful tips that you can utilize in selecting the best website color scheme: 

Comprehend the Link between Color and Emotion

Human beings are directly impacted emotionally by color, and you need to always remember it. Yellow makes people feel youthful and positive-minded, and it is used to get the attention of those doing window shopping. Red symbolizes energy and increases the heart rate while promoting a sense of urgency. This explains why red is dominant in clearance sales. Blue on its own, establishes a feeling of security and trust and why banks and other corporate businesses prefer using it. 

Green is linked with prosperity, wealth, and stores used because they also have a relaxing effect on the eyes. Orange signifies some flashy aggression, which is why it is employed in calls to encourage people to purchase products. 

Pink is regarded as feminine, soft, and romantic, so it is used to appeal to young ladies and women. Black is the color of power and sleekness, so it is prominent in the luxury goods circle. Purple is seen as a calming, tranquil and soothing color, and it is a significant favorite in the anti-ageing or beauty sector of several enterprises. 

It is also important to note that the impact color has on the target audience also differs from location to location. Hence, it is good to take cultural beliefs and traditional preferences into consideration. A color that is loved in one area can be seen as a taboo color in another country. It is always best to go for a color with a universal appeal so you will not worry about pissing anyone off. 

Study Your Target Audience Carefully

All you are doing on your website is trying to woo your target audience so that you can turn website visits into sales. You have to study your target and answer pertinent questions like who you are trying to market to and the kinds of emotions you are trying to trigger. Many publications from researchers detail the connection between psychology and feelings; let me cover a few articles on it a little later. 

Think of the Gender

This may not apply to all businesses, but if your enterprise is dedicated to just one gender, this is crucial for you. You need to know the color preferences of the gender you are focusing on and select your website color along that line. 

You have to get this right, and there must be no excuse or mistake whatsoever. Just a quick hint: men love blue, green, and black in that order while ladies tend to go for blue, purple, and green in general. 

Consider the Age Group

This may not even be visible at first, but it is noteworthy, and that is the age group. The color preference of people changes over time with age. You get to know which color to focus on, in line with the age demographics of your audience. This is possible by taking a very detailed look at the data of those frequenting your website. 

Conduct Color Quizzes

Here is one of the most useful tips for you. Organize color quizzes by asking your customers what colors they prefer. This will allow you to focus correctly and avoid assumptions that can ruin things for you. Do not be shy; put the question across to your website visitors, and they will even be glad that you are considering them in decision making. 


Many factors drive success for businesses online. Sales are made on websites, which translates to the fact that your website’s components will go a long way in influencing products’ purchase. This article has provided detailed tips that can be followed when selecting the most appropriate website colour scheme. 

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