Things you Should Know About Chennai City Before Moving into a PG

Moving to a new city is so exciting as it is the beginning of a whole new chapter in your life. From the new friends you’re going to make to all the new places you’ll discover, there is going to be a whole bunch of adventures life can throw at you. Moving within a multi-lingual and diverse country like India can also come with its set of challenges, so it is best to know your new city and be better prepared to make your life a little easier. Here are a few things we think you need to know before setting foot and moving into a PG in Chennai!

When Three is a Crowd:

With the pandemic setting in, it’s even more important to find a place to stay which isn’t overcrowded. In a regular, local PG or hostel, that can be a tough challenge. So it’s super important that you hunt properly and find a place that prioritizes hygiene, sanitization, and fully complies with the social distancing measures, especially in the rooms. Professionally managed accommodation operators like Stanza Living have each aspect of their facilities designed in a way that complies with COVID-combat living. At the same time, it is important that the management regularly maintains health monitoring and sanitization protocols has a staff that is trained to handle emergencies, and has emergency facilities and clinics in the near vicinity. That’s why, choosing a branded accommodation online, checking their reviews, and interacting with their teams in advance, before you shortlist and visit the place is a smart way of going about your house hunt. In a managed accommodation setup, consumers also have the flexibility to choose the sharing type. While operators like Stanza Living offer shared rooms that are designed to factor in ample space per person, they also have single occupancy options in case you wish to have the complete space to yourself.

It’s Not About the ‘Lungi Dance’:

Deepika Padukone’s character in Chennai Express is a highly caricatural portrayal of how people from Chennai talk. We might have grown-up listening to popular stereotypes like these about the city, but bringing up references like the Lungi Dance may not be the most sensible idea. The best way to go around would be to learn first-hand about the place,  try to pick up a bit of Tamil so you know you are greeting, enquiring, and asking the right way. A little bit of effort goes a long way, especially as it will get you appreciation, acknowledgment, and even support from the people who consider Chennai home.

City of Great Distances:

Chennai is locally known as the ‘City of Great Distances’ and that’s for a very good reason. While there is the sea stretching out on one shore, there is a growing urban settlement on the other side, that only means getting to any part of Chennai might take a while. If you’re moving to Chennai for your studies or for work, it would be the most convenient for you to find an accommodation closest to your institute or office, saving you time, energy, and money on commute. There is nothing better than finding a professionally managed accommodation option, like Stanza Living, where you have all facilities under one roof and most likely in a location you prefer.

The Weather Can Be Crazy:

Chennai is known not only for its beaches but for the heat and humidity too. If you are coming from a place that has diverse seasons, know that the predominant state here is of heat through the year so you would want to pack light before you move. Also, if you’re stepping out for grocery shopping or for a good brunch or lunch, you would want to come back home to a room that is chilled and air-conditioned.

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice:

Take a walk through one of the beaches in the evening and you’ll find yourself discovering what the local palate looks like. Be open to the spicy fried fresh fish or the corn or the variety of Chennai special desserts you may find. Once you’ve discovered what you like the best, there could be nothing better to get a hold of it and sit by the beach with the stars above. If you’re looking for something light, the vendors also sell some great buttermilk which is the best way to hydrate yourself through the heat and humidity.

So, before you head to this beautiful city, it would be good to learn a bit about the place and prepare yourself to navigate the place. We would recommend checking out some professionally managed accommodation online as that’s the first step to setting up a comfortable and convenient home.

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