The Master of Deception is a Leadership Quality


Those that would be thriving leaders must understand absurdity.

Leaders must be in it to succeed. Whether it is defeating an obstacle, completing an objective, or hammering the opposition, leaders have to be in it to command. If you do not carry a winning aim in mind, those that follow you will soon revolt.

Leaders need supporters and supporters to feel that they stand behind someone who is reliable and will prevail against any competition. You cannot forge a winning attitude. You must know deep within yourself that you can win, win, and have the way to win.

Winning means being a master of defiance. Absurd? Read ahead.

When they expect you to go high, you have to run low. When they think that there is no way that you can reach ahead, you must look ahead of them. To do this, you have to appear to be one way while you are the total opposite in actuality.

To win, you must do what they don’t anticipate. To catch the enemy off guard, you have to fool them into thinking one thing while in reality, you do something different.

When you have finished all your work and are ready to move ahead, appear unguarded. Frazzled and unready in appearance, within you are prepared to strike early. Act aroused but be prepared.

When you can let them have it, act as if you are unfit to run. Don’t flash your moves, especially your attacks. A strike or an attack is a dynamic action; this can be a mighty attempt to pass an obstacle, direct line of questioning in a debate or launching a new product.

If you are steaming mad and crazed with emotion, appear to be the picture of quiet peacefulness. This is ahead of not sweating the hard stuff. This is obvious deception. If you are patient, then seem emotionally crippled. In other words, sweat when it accommodates you. If you care, act as if you don’t, but if you don’t care, then act as a nervous teenager.

When your people are united and cohesive, make them seem like they are all over the place.

The idea then is to represent a radically different image of what you are. The reason for this is apparent and simple; if your opponent knows what you are going to do, they can block or counter any move that you make.

Winning means taking the lead in all activities and always being one step ahead of the game. If you are easy to read, then you are at the second-best. People do not follow the second best.

But don’t make the error of appearing weak, clumsy, or arrogant to your own follow. The idea is to deceive the opponent and not to dissuade those that are under you.

Let your people in on your tricks. Command with a touch and keep them in the circle. When in a special council with your people, talk uninterrupted and let them see your power. If you are planning something great, then let them know about it. If some people should stay in the dark, let them know that you are on the roof of things and plans are in the pipeline.

Those that act as if they can’t until it’s the right time to move wins.

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