The Best 9 Instagram Hashtag Strategies

If you are using social media, then you already know what a hashtag is. This tool has entered every platform, allowing users to find what they want with just one click. However, not every hashtag strategy is effective. 

Below, you will learn everything you need to know about using hashtags, in order to get as many likes as possible. Before you do that, however, you should visit to buy Instagram likes and start getting enough traffic. 

#1 Create a List of Hashtags that Relate to your Account

The first step for the promotion of any of your social media includes research. This can either be the research of your niche in general or examining your competitors’ accounts. Browse the top and trending posts that are similar to those you upload. 

Once you find them, take a look at the hashtags they are using and where they place them. Write down all of the relevant hashtags that you can use a compile a big list of them. After this process, you will know exactly which hashtags are effective for your particular niche. 

#2 Find Where you Should Place Them

As we have mentioned above, your research will also show you where your competitors are placing their hashtags. Some like to implement them in their captions and others include them at the end of their captions, where they remain hidden. At the same time, more and more influencers are also choosing to write their hashtags in a comment, rather than the caption. 

There is not a specific rule that says one place is more effective than the rest. However, your analytics will show you the progress of each post. Therefore, by alternating them, you can spot which position works better for your case. 

#3 Research the Hashtags you are Using

Another element of your hashtag research is to see how many posts each one has. For example, #style is a popular hashtag with over 500 million posts. This means that you can reach a wider audience but you will also face a lot of competition. Nevertheless, by looking at the top posts with this hashtag, you will understand what the audience likes to see. 

Moreover, some hashtags become banned by Instagram. There is no list online that will show you which ones they are. Therefore, you will need to manually research each hashtag you like to use to make sure that it’s active. Once you get the information you need, you can visit to buy Instagram likes and start growing your profile.

#4 Try Some Daily Hashtags

When it comes to hashtags, you should try to follow every trend you can find. One of these is the use of daily hashtags, such as #ThrowbackThursday and #FashionFriday. They might not be relevant to your image but many users are following them. By taking advantage of them, you are maximizing your posts’ impressions and reach. If you also buy Instagram likes from a website like, you will be on the road to creating a successful account on the platform. 

#5 Use Location Hashtags

Another type of hashtag you can use under your posts is that of your location. Just like the daily hashtags, many users search images that are from their area. Therefore, if you have taken shots while on vacations or landmarks of your area, you should make sure that you properly tag them. Apart from the specific hashtag, you can also add the location of the post, which also allows you to add specific businesses, like restaurants and bars.  

#6 Mix Some General Hashtags with the Niche Ones

As you may have noticed, the number of available hashtags is enormous. In addition to this, you can also create your own custom hashtags that refer to your account. Even if you have created a list of the most-used hashtags in your niche, you still might wonder which ones you should include. The solution to this problem is to write a mix of popular and niche hashtags. The popular ones will guarantee you a large audience, while the niche ones will bring your content to the users that will actually be interested in it. 

#7 Hide your Hashtags

Many influencers insist that you should place your hashtags where the users cannot immediately see them. This is because a caption with a lot of hashtags might seem a bit spammy to the random user who discovered your post in the explore section of Instagram. 

To hide them, you can use the period symbol (.) to make them move down the caption so that only users who press “show more” will see them. Furthermore, you can write all of them in a comment, just like Alexandra Zimmy has done in the picture above. When you get a lot of comments, your users will no longer see it. 

#8 Don’t Forget to Include them in your Stories

A big part of your Instagram account is the stories that you post multiple times per day. Permanent content, like stories, is on the rise and so more and more users prefer them. However, you shouldn’t treat your stories as something permanent. They can also contribute to the success of your account by bringing users to your profile and getting you likes and follows. For this reason, you need to include at least one in every story that you post. Of course, you should also buy Instagram likes from for the rest of your content.

#9 Add Hashtags in your Profile Bio

Another way that hashtags will boost your Instagram profile is by adding them to your bio. By doing this, users that follow the specific hashtags will discover your content and potentially like it. However, make sure that you only use 1-2 hashtags in your profile bio, or else users might think this is a spam account and abandon it. 

Hashtags are the key to Instagram success. Make sure that use them wisely and that you follow all of the above advice. Furthermore, you can boost your endeavors by visiting If you buy Instagram likes from there, you will help your content reach more users. 

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