‘The 100’ Season 7 Review

Octavia from The 100

The 100 Synopsis: 

Nearly a hundred years after a disastrous nuclear apocalypse kills almost all life on Earth, people now live in a space station circling Earth, An Ark. Three generations have been born in The Ark, bringing the population of the Ark beyond capacity. One-hundred young detainees are sent to Earth in a last attempt to settle whether it is habitable. They find that some endured the apocalypse: the grounders, who live in groups locked in a power struggle; the Reapers, another grounders group who have been turned into cannibals by the Mountain Men; and the Mountain Men, who have constructed their homes Mount Weather, descended from those who bolted themselves away before the end of the Earth. Under Clarke and Bellamy’s leadership, the teenagers try to survive the harsh surface conditions, fight hostile grounders, and secure communication with the Ark.

What happened in Season 7? (Spoilers Alert)

The seventh season finds the residents trying to discover a way to live together in harmony following the previous season’s events while battling the Dark Commander. At the same time, Clarke and others come into conflict with the secret Disciples, humans from another world who believe that Clarke holds the key to winning the last war that is coming. The season also traverses the strange Anomaly introduced in the sixth season, now recognized as a wormhole linking six planets, one of them being a regenerated Earth, together. At the end of the series, humanity achieves Transcendence aside from Clarke, who failed the test. Clarke returns to Earth, where her colleagues and Octavia’s new boyfriend Levitt choose to join her for a nonviolent new life.

My Spoiler Free Review of The 100:

Season 7 was a mixed bag. It had nostalgic but cheesy elements. However, the directors wrapped it up nicely and added interesting new theories. There was also a lot of incredible character growth. I’d say it failed at certain moments, overall a satisfying final season.

In the initial 9 episodes, a few conflicts keep the episodes busy, and our main characters still hold grudges from what happened in the previous seasons. Clarke is still the lead, although all her friends make their presence felt. Clarke still wants to stay rational and find peace but doesn’t ignore the importance of a bullet when needed. What a journey Octavia had in the last season! She went from a youthful girl always protected by Bellamy (her brother), to a skillful fighter who chose to become a caring aunty ‘O’ rather than turning into Bloodreina one more time. Raven saved the game for everyone. She matured immensely as the season evolved after owning up to her mistakes. Elsewhere, I enjoyed watching Hope, the unimaginable development of Diyoza, and my favorite couple from The 100- Murphy and Emori. 

The Last Episode:

Not going to lie; I was nervous about how one of my favorite sci-fi was going to end. As I sit here processing what I just saw, I don’t know that I could have picked a better ending myself. It won’t please everyone, but the final scene makes so much sense and correctly serves the show.

All in all, The 100 is one of the most captivating and underrated shows in recent times. Season-7 was a fitting farewell. 

The 100 Season 7 Rating: 8.5/10 

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