Teach to One Offers Innovative Math Tools to Support Learning During COVID-19 Pandemic


The pandemic has changed modern life as we know it, especially in the classroom. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the education of millions of American students has been disrupted. When added to the already mounting inequities in the classroom, this factor has made it more challenging than ever for students and educators to keep pace in mathematics.

The ongoing impact of the global pandemic has put additional pressure on the school system. As the new school year begins, it’s important that we all address the difficulties of learning mathematics. To solve this problem, New Classrooms has developed a transformative suite of digital tools. Backed by a decade’s worth of innovative research and development, the approach revitalizes the way students learn math.

Teach to One Roadmaps

Teach to One Roadmaps is a dynamic solution that will empower math teachers to help students reach their goals. The specifically designed approach supports each math student in reaching grade-level proficiency quickly. With both free and low-cost options for math teachers and families, the solution helps support learning during this period. 

Its basis in the groundbreaking “tailored acceleration” theory makes this approach entirely unique. Traditionally, the idea was that all math students needed to learn the same thing at the same time. However, that has proved to be ineffective. The new theory rejects that notion and instead allows each math student to follow a specific pathway that suits their learning style and pace. Because it uses a unique blend of on-grade skills and building blocks from previous years’ studies, the solution is effective and suits all students.

Each of the pathways allows math students to get back to grade level before building on their progress so far. The innovative teaching solution means that they can fast-track from there and start learning more complex topics.

“Now, more than ever, students will need viable, precise, personalized pathways to get back on track. Roadmaps provides teachers and parents with the state-of-the-art tools that are necessary to make that a reality,” says Joel Rose, CEO of New Classrooms.

Multiple Roadmaps Versions Available

The Teach to One Roadmaps solution is available in multiple versions. Which version you choose will depend on your current needs and those of your math students or children. It’s worth taking the time to understand each of the solution packages and what they include. In doing so, you can make an informed decision about which is right for you.

First, there’s Roadmaps Free, which uses an effective diagnostic assessment to craft a pathway for each student. The approach details the skills that the math student must first master before becoming proficient in a particular topic. Aside from the assessment, the package also includes a variety of content links and resources.

Should you want more than just the basic package, it’s worth checking out what Roadmaps Plus has to offer. The approach includes everything you get in the free version plus more. It provides tools so that math teachers can track students’ progress with aggregated reports and data. There are also instructional tools, curated content for each student’s roadmap, and high-quality instructional materials. The package costs $15 per student per year, making it a cost-effective math teaching solution.

Learning doesn’t only take place in the classroom. The final version of this solution is Roadmaps Home. The approach has been tailored to suit at-home learning. While it includes all of the Roadmaps Free features, the package also has Prove It assessments that validate a student’s progress. It also boasts a variety of instructional content and resources. The package comes in at $9.95 per student per month.

“Schools are working tirelessly to figure out how to accelerate learning while also enabling high-quality remote instruction. With these new tools, we are helping schools and parents redefine what’s possible for students, so every student can accelerate from their starting point to where they need to be,” says Chris Rush, New Classrooms co-founder and chief program officer.

Backed by more than 100 million academic data points that help inform how math students should learn and progress, the Teach to One Roadmaps approach helps accelerate students’ learning. Those interested can sign up for the education solutions now.

About Teach to One

Teach to One provides customized learning solutions based on assessments for each student. Boasting various data-driven, robust solutions, the brand offers innovative digital tools and packages that enable math students to flourish and meet their goals. Roadmaps is the company’s latest dynamic approach geared toward current challenges.

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