Skydiving Guide to Namibia

Located in southern Africa, Namibia is one of the best places to skydive on the planet. Generally, a flat nation with vast open spaces and endless dunes that stretch beyond your eyes can ever see, it is no surprise that it is the dream destination of skydivers and lovers of adventure in general. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to go about it for anyone interested in skydiving in this country. 

Getting to Namibia

Tourism is a big deal in Namibia so getting to the country from any part of the globe is easy. Major airports include the Hosea Kutako International Airport in Windhoek, Walvis Bay International Airport, Windhoek Eros Airport, and Swakopmund Airport. 

Most tourists flying in from outside Namibia typically land at the Hosea Kutako International Airport, which is the biggest in the country. From this airport, you can then make your way to your skydiving spot. 

Best Spots for Skydiving – Outstanding Drop Zones

Namibia is the right place for skydiving, but these are the best spots for the activity in the country: 

Swakopmund: Located on the coast of western Namibia, it is located in the middle of the famous Namib Desert, and you can drive on the B2 main road to get there from Windhoek. Tourists are attracted to its Swakopmund Skydiving Club, which is operated from the Swakopmund Airport since 1972. This is the number one drop zone for skydiving in all of Namibia. 

The drop zone itself is situated just outside Swakopmund, and you can thoroughly enjoy the scenery as you float through the clouds. It is known for the most excellent skydiving, training, and all the fun. In Swakopmund, two professional skydiving clubs will give you all the training that you need. These are as follows: 

  • GoSkydive4Fun (coordinated by the Swakopmund Skydiving Club)
  • Ground Rush Adventures


Day One: Tour Windhoek

If you arrive at Windhoek and you have enough time on your hands, then you can do a tour of the capital city of Namibia. Some of the major attractions in Windhoek include its three castles, the Auas Mountains, Windhoek Railway Station, and the National Art Gallery of Namibia. 

Others include the Independence Memorial Museum, Windhoek Public Library, and the National Library of Namibia. It would be good if you also tried native Namibian dishes and German delicacies at any of the restaurants in downtown Windhoek. When you are done with your tour, move to your chosen skydiving zone. 

Morning of Day Two: Move to Your Skydiving Zone

Swakopmund is the number one skydiving place in Namibia, so you are most likely to go there on your adventure in this majestic African country. You can get to Swakopmund by driving directly from Windhoek, or you can take a flight. 

Upon reaching Swakopmund, you can swing into action without delay. If you are a professional skydiver, you can have your scheduled jump arranged, but you have two alternatives to select from if you are an amateur. One is that you can spend the whole day doing your training course, so you will be able to do a static line jump on the day you arrived. 

Those who are wondering what this means to jump with a static line imply that you are still tied to the aircraft with a cord that will open your parachute automatically when you jump from the aircraft. The second option for novices is to take the quicker freefall tandem jump. 

In this one, you are strapped physically to an experienced instructor. Both of you will take the plunge together, enjoy the fantastic free-fall at an unbelievable 200km/hr for about 30 seconds or more, and you leave everything to the instructor. By the end of day two, you get to choose among the options. 

Afternoon of Day Two: Select From Jump Options and Leap! 

There are three jump options you can select from, and they are as follows: 

12,000 ft 

This will cost you about 3,800 Namibian dollars, and it is a total of about 45 seconds free-fall. It is the best tandem skydive experience, and most people go for this option. It is the highest possible tandem jump height that is allowed in Namibia. If you go for this option and leap from 12,000 feet, you will experience free-fall for about one minute, which is enough time for you to appreciate the atmosphere. Adrenaline junkies will go for this. 

10,000 ft

Here is the second option, it costs 2,800 Namibian dollars, and the free-fall lasts for about 30 seconds. The plunge is from a height of 10,000 feet, and in half a minute, you will embrace the beauty of the waves of the Atlantic Ocean and the timeless dunes of the Namib Desert. 

15,000 ft or Helicopter

In this option, you take a plunge from a chopper, and it is brilliant. It is an option that is reserved for the most experienced jumpers, and it costs around 4,800 Namibian dollars. The whole plunge lasts for heart-stopping 60 seconds! 

All these options come with photography and video services, so you will not miss any part of the action at all. Just do your part with no fear – jump into the clouds! 

Things to Do

When you are in Namibia for skydiving, there are some other things you can still enjoy, and they are: 

  • Embark on customized skydive safaris. 
  • Visit the iconic Himba people in the desert. 
  • Engage in some trophy hunting. 
  • Observe wildlife at the Etosha National Park. 
  • Hike across the Namib Desert or engage in 4X4 dune driving tours with your fellow skydivers. 
  • Ride on the Desert Express, which is a tourist train that operates between Windhoek and Swakopmund. 
  • Watch the sunset at the iconic Skeleton Coast. 

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